The Finnish hockey league “SM Liga” was treated to a record breaking evening when HIFK took on the Pelicans.  Enjoy the video below in which Siim Liivik of HIFK drops the gloves with Arttu Luttinen of the Pelicans in a solid skirmish, which led to utter chaos.  After their one on one battle, things started to get out of hand.  Fast forward the clip to 1 minute and 7 seconds in where the fighting escalates, very quickly.

According to Puck Daddy:

In total, Ilari Melarti, Siim Liivik, Mikko Kurvinen, Niko Piiparinen, Petteri Wirtanen, Miikka Tuomainen and Eetu Pöysti for kicked out of the game for HIFK. Justin Hodgman, Arttu Luttinen, Joonas Järvinen, Marko Pöyhänen, Max Wärn, Jyri Marttinen and Aaron Brocklehurst for ejected for Pelicans. HIFK Coach Petri Matikainen and Pelicans Coach Kai Suikkanen were also ejected.

In total, there were 465 penalty minutes in the game, and 439 of them coming in the last few minutes during the three fights.

For those lucky fans in the stands who were able to witness this scene, I am truly jealous.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

via Puck Daddy