Much-maligned Canadian rockers Nickelback are about to be wiped from the worldwide web thanks to a new blog.

Music fans who download the free Nickelblock tool from will be able to eliminate all mention of the rock band led by Chad Kroeger.

The news follows a recent survey by a dating site which named the band as the biggest musical turn-off for romantics.

50,000 fans of the Detroit Lions have signed a petition to halt the band’s planned half-time performance at the American football team’s home game against the Green Bay Packers on American Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nickelback!


via jam!


  • charles girard

    I don’t understand the deal with these idiots that don’t like Nickelback. They are a hell of a band no matter what country they come from. What? only bands that come from England are aloud to be good. I’m from Michigan and I along with a lot of people think they are a good band. Big Skeezy is an idiot. I think he should be banned from the web. What a douche! He’s probably one of those scumbag hillbillys that think kid rock or slim shadys dumb ass is a talented performer. No wonder Michigan is going broke. And His retarded idea will never work anyway. Oh wait it didn’t. And the 50,000 that signed his petition are as big of dumb asses as he is. Where do they dig these people up from anyway? I don’t think that Nickelback is too worried while they are driving there super cars or flying in there private jet or unlocking the door to there 2 million dollar + mansions. So think about that skeezball when you get in your five thousand dollar car and drive to your ten thousand dollar house you probably rent. I am personally embarrassed that he is from Michigan and apologize to Nickelback for this retard.