If you wanted to rock an Obama basketball jersey, you are now in luck.  The Obama campaign just released via their website an Obama limited-edition athletic jersey which will run you $95.   According to this website it is made of 2-Ply tricot mesh with sewn-on appliques, and as you would expect, it is made in the USA.  The jersey is in sale just in time for the Obama Classic Basketball Game on Dec. 12th.

H/T Deadspin

  • BPP

    I wouldn’t wear one of these to a cock fight.

    • BigBlackRod

      So, you go to those? PEACE.

  • Catblaster

    Can the office of president be trivialized any further? I guess when you’ve never done anything but run for office except run the economy in to the ditch while playing golf, traveling, attending parties, hosting multimillionaire b-ball players for a fundraiser in between the many gliterati multimillionaire fundraisers the answer is probably no. Pathetic.

  • mj

    I’m only interested in one if I can have the red slash / the recognized “international no sign” sewn onto the uniform …… this “President” is in wayyyyyy over his head