If you’re a frequent customer of Angels strip club in Peterborough, England you may want to be a little careful walking home.  Twice int he past month an underground explosion has sent flames and a manhole cover shooting into the sky from just down the street.

Mr. Keetley, the manager of Angels, describes the latest explosion:

The bang was really loud. It shook the building walls. I saw flames outside followed by plumes of smoke. I rushed outside and could see that a manhole cover had flown off.  If the couple had been walking a few paces faster they could have been seriously injured.”

The explosions are definitely impressive:

Keetley had strong feeling about the danger:

I don’t know what’s going on with that cover but this can’t be allowed to happen a third time.

When even the strip club managers are getting worried about safety you know it’s getting bad.


Via The Telegraph