Apparently some Turkish fans don’t really like Emmanuel Eboue.  The former Arsenal player is now playing for Galatasaray in Turkey and during their last Turkish league match the fans made it clear they weren’t cool with his reputation for diving.

Check the video as it’s not just one or two things being thrown but a full-on barrage every time he came within throwing range of the stands:

Bottom line is playing soccer in Turkey really doesn’t look like much fun.


Via MrsKewell

  • Dave

    I don’t think it’s his “diving” that the fan have an issue with. People in that part of the world are notoriously racist.

    • Stephen

      It absolutely was his diving, having watched the game. And what are you talking about? “People in that part of the world are notoriously racist”…? You’re ignorant if you think so, Turkey has almost zero history with racism in football, would you like to substantiate your claims Dave?

    • jw

      Could it be that most soccer fans are overly aggressive, violent and not too bright? Hence the stands falling down because the whole crowd jumps on them and all the riots we see in the news weekly.
      I bet you cry racist every time your shoe comes untied.

      • George

        What a stupid thing to say. Typically ignorant Jim Rome-ish American sports fan response from somebody who has never been to a match nor could even know who Eboue is..

        Eboue does dive, and he gets hurt from any little knock.Eboue rocks, perhapdsthe funniest dide in FOOTBALL.


    • i aggree, i hate the turks , food, hairy woman, religion, football, politics etc….

  • jw

    Dave is a moron, he pulls out the race card before he grabs his mothers apron and starts crying.

  • drew47

    i havent heard the whole story,but why is it that,if someone mentions the possibility of racism, in football,clowns like jw,claim its a race card,like racism doesnt exist,anywere in the world,surprise it does,black,white,red,blue,its wrong to have that in the beautiful game.and if it was racism,jw i hope you acknowlege it,and condem it.

    • jw

      It’s always racism in your book drew, always. You haven’t heard the whole story but you condemn me. How many times has jackson and sharpton cried the race card in the past few years? If you say one thing contrary about obama you get called a racist immediately. Take that race card and shove it where the sun don’t shine bi$ch.

    • Lar

      Yes, awesome. It’s not to say that it’s always about discrimination; it’s just that it HAS been in enough situations, and should never be welcome. So, if someone even considers the possibility of an action being based on racial discrimination, it should be ruled out instead of just yelling at everyone who doesn’t look exactly like you.

  • britt47

    dave gave only an opinion,it may not be true,there is serious history of racism,in soccer,not only from fans,but from players as well,i have experienced that,as a player,the offending player called me the n word,and i proceeded,to punch his teeth out,the next time,he will think twice,about opening his mouth.

    • jw

      dave gave only an opinion,it may not be true,

      YES that is true but without any facts to back it up ole dave whips out the race card on the first draw. What happened to giving somebody the benefit of the doubt? You seem to be a person that will do that but ole dave accuses first and then ask questions later. People like him are the real racist little cry babies. I have some news for you people reading out there. Life is not fair, there are a few bumps in the road along the way and it is how you act in bad times that define your character and one of those things is not crying race card every time something doesn’t go your way like a little sissy boy.

      • why do u keep using the term RACE CARD? if u refer to something so substantial as racism so lightly that means u dont agree that it is REAL r u gonna go out on that limb? btw I have a test for u and any other CLOWN out there who agrees with you, ur a racist if you r always on that side of this argument if ur oppinon NEVER varies ur a FU&%ING racist its as simple as that BI$CH!!!

  • AL

    I honestly think it has to do with a combination of both the fact that they don’t like “diving” in southern and Southeastern Europe and there are a lot of racist soccer fans in that region too. Let’s not give all of Europe a free pass as an absolutely non racist continent because it is not the United States. Flamboyant celebration is considered extremely pretentious over there where there is more tolerance over in the U.S.A for that. If you do your research online or in the news, you can find videos on youtube of Black African players in Spain (especially the notoriously racist city of Granada) and Italy having trash and bananas thrown at them along with hurling racist insults and gorilla noises! That cannot soundly be rationalized as not racist in the 21st century. I only see this happening lately to black soccer players there.Turkey is within that region also. How often do you see white players in Europe who have trash, bottles, gorilla noises and bananas thrown at them? I laugh when I hear about unruly American sport fans in stadiums.

  • Tank

    I don’t care what the reason was, this planet now has the technology to spy on people from space. They should use that same technology to find and imprison every animal that threw something at that human being !

  • Johnny

    Anyone who knows a little bit about the beautiful game of football which is called soccer in the states, knows that the fans all over europe and the world are very racist. The fans are racist mostly towards black players. There are two investigations going on in England for two black players that are born in England themselves, to make it worse those players were called names by other players in the league. If you watch the youtube videos you can see even the great Tierry Henry talking about how he was always being called the N word, and many other black players talking about how they were being called names and bananas were thrown at them. This happens all over Europe, and for someone to say that Turkey has zero racism, maybe you have to go back and check it to see how many games were canceled for the Turkish national team or were played in a stadium with no fans or journalist because of their racist fan base. And before every major game in football there is an advertisement and a talk about stopping racism in football.

  • truthhurts

    white players dive all the time…where is their shower of trash?…hummmm…

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  • drew47

    lol,,jw your funny man,your always calling people names,have you ever watched american beauty,your personality reminds me of chris cooper, in the movie he played a tough talking guy,who wanted his son ricky to be a man,to be tougher,he was ex military,all american,he was homophobic,and called people all kinds of names,at the end of the movie,he kissed his neighbour who is a man,on the lips,it turned out that he was gay,please tell me your not like that, a confused person,you sound awefully close.

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