LaGarrette Blount ripped off what could easily be the run of the year during the 2nd quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers game on Sunday.  Blount seemed to shed any would be tackler with ease during the run and as Jason Wilde pointed out: “eight Packers got a hand on Blount on 54-yard TD: Bishop, Burnett, Williams, Hawk, Woodson, Pickett (close), Shields, Walden.”  Pretty incredible stuff.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]


  • Susie

    Only a 54-yarder? How about Marc Mariani’s TD following a 70+ yarder– something like 75 or so.

    That’s the way to go, Marc!!!!!

    • Jimbo

      It’s not the distance that made Blount’s run great; count the number of Packers whose tackling Blount shrugged off. That’s what made it a great run.

  • Patrick Goddaro


    • Alex

      Patrick, if you don’t know how to copy and paste a URL, you’ve failed Internet 101.

      • Steve

        lololol so true

  • kremz

    Run. Of the year. Wow. What. A. Play.

    Make sure you mute the commentary.

    • I think the Bucs would get more crowds if they ran special prices, like a Buck an Ear…get it? A Buck an ear…lol…Go Pats…

  • Shauny Sayso

    The psyche out lambeau leap is classic! Too bad the coach blew it with the onside kick & with the way that D was playing, the Bucs need to bring back Gruden! LOL

  • mmoore

    Wow. Is that all ya got on the pack. How about this. They still won. Yard barfer