A Nashville Predators fan was unhappy that his view was impeded by Maple Leafs left wing Joffrey Lupul, and he let Lupul know about it. Instead of slapping the glass, as is normal, the fan kicked the glass and as you can tell by Lupul’s reaction, he was none too pleased.

via The Score

  • nordic

    A fan with no class. Nashville folks are better than that…

    • john

      It doesn’t look that way. How did that Fat Hillbilly afford that seat, selling moonshine.????????????

    • jeff

      It is the norm in Nashville! I was there during the Capitals game and they were rude folks. Oh, the seats are cheap as I only paid $47 for seats five rows up. The arena was only 80% full. Not all fans are like that guy and he should have been escorted out….

  • colorado blackhawk

    if i owned a hockey club anyone kicking slapping or banging on my glass would be thrown. is hockey the only sport that allows fans to actually move the playing surface grow up dumas fans bet that isnt all your slapping

  • hockeyfan


  • Ah for the days when that play would climb over the glass and kick his a$$. If you’ve ever been to Nashville for a game this is the norm.

  • ZMAN

    Stupid fat fuck…

  • Kevin

    Overreaction of the day…clearly no one was hurt. Go back to your holes in Toronto

  • ESW1961

    To the POS that kicked the glass when a ‘Leaf player was close to the boards:
    I’m not a Pred fan, don’t live close enough to follow them but I’ll make a trip this month to visit your worthless a@#. You are exactly what the league and fans do not want. A fat, drunk worthless POS that can’t spell fan with borrowed teeth or a dictionary. I thought class-less spectators like yourself were banished in the 70’s! You are a disgrace to the sport. Any one player works harder putting on his skates than you do in a year. Next time there is a home game, stay home with your sister-wife.

  • Richard

    I was at that game and this idiot is not indicative of the Nashville fans. This was my first time experiencing a game “down south”, I live in the Boston area. Fans around me were downright hospitable.

  • Bill

    Hey Kevin take your head out of your ass moron!!!!!

  • Travis

    Fans in all cities, ALL cities, pound on the glass during fights, board checks,etc. What is the difference. A foot, instead of a fist?? No big deal. It looked like it scared the shit out of Joffrey, which i thought was hysterical. Oh btw, all you Nashville haters…your not hating when your shelling out thousands of dollars to see Nashville’s country acts in concert when they blow thru your town. A lot of them are sitting in the stands cheering on the Preds!!

  • here are

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  • brian

    really…..the typical “hillbilly”, your-city-doesn’t-deserve-hockey tripe from you bastages??? tell me that a fan kicking the glass is worse than a fan getting assaulted/beverages poured on them/verbally abused in most of your more “sophisticated” hockey cities….c’mon, i’m waiting. and to esw….blow it our your arse!