Barack Obama announced the “Obama Classic Basketball Game” today via his website which will take place on December 12th, 2011 in Washington D.C. at a venue to still to be announced.  The President may not be willing to step in and stop the lockout but he definitely can make use of the NBA talent currently unemployed.  Tickets range from $100-$5000 and all proceeds will go to support the Obama Victory Fund, which is a joint fund-raising committee that supports both President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The announcement via The President’s website details the stars already confirmed to play:

Please join us in Washington, DC for a game featuring basketball’s greatest super stars in support of the Obama Victory Fund.

Confirmed to play:

Ray Allen – Carmelo Anthony – Chris Bosh – Vince Carter – Tyson Chandler – Jamal Crawford – Kevin Durant – Baron Davis – Patrick Ewing – Derek Fisher – Rudy Gay – Blake Griffin – Tyler Hansbrough – Dwight Howard – Juwan Howard – Antawn Jamison – Dahntay Jones – Brandon Knight – Kevin Love – Jamal Mashburn – Cheryl Miller – Reggie Miller – Alonzo Mourning – Dikembe Mutombo – Chris Paul – Quentin Richardson – Doc Rivers – Steve Smith – Jerry Stackhouse – Amare Stoudemire – Tina Thompson – John Wall – Russell Westbrook

  • ArronC

    It’s classic in the sense that the only person to benefit from this is Obama himself! Ha ha what a glitzy politician.

    • dan

      he got it like that, way to go Obama!!!!

    • I agree. Please remember he is a Communist, Progressive, Left Wing Man. Please vote him out next year. The basketball he is holding looks like a ABA ball. Bruce Hoop Indianapolis, In.

    • T

      Another good reason not to watch the NBA….. what a joke…….

    • silvers

      i got up on the wrong side of the floor?

    • doug

      how come every one is offended by the by the n word. its been used for many years in the sports industry.
      nba- negro basketball association
      mlb- mexican-latino baseball
      ncaa- negro colored athletic association
      nfl. negro football leauge
      nhl- national honkey league

      • Relentless

        Really?? Hahaha… Why does race have to come into play? And NCAA represents all college sports, including rowing, lascrosse etc… The NCAA clearly has nothing to do with African Americans you BOZO!! But clearly race is all that matters to you and not character. Hello! The character of a person is greater than their ethnicity.

      • Pheniox Manns

        Cutie, and funny….but not necessary. A side from the Raciest that resides inside of you (Doug), our country IS in dire straights….I agree with “SUE” and “Relentless ” We as Americans have to look at the “bigger” more important issues and stop being side tracked and divided over something as petty as race.
        Our nations President is having NBA stars play in a “fund raiser” game to benefit his political party and himself…… I feel there is something wrong with that. Not that he would be better off “stepping in” and squashing this NBA lockout, it’s just I think there are much BIGGER issues President Obama should be focused on……..

    • Sue

      I am so tired of people not dealing with facts. This is not a popularity contest. This should not be a race or class issue. This is our country and our life at stake. The blacks have made it a racist issue by giving Obama 99 percent of their support because he is half black. That is a fact. The facts are Obama’s policies are not working. He took office with full control of Oval, Senate, and House. This stayed that way for 2 years. Undeniable facts are that we are much worse off than when Obama took office. Gas prices are up about 300 percent, Gas was $1.87 when Bush left office. Our National debt has gone up over 4.6 trillion dollars in the 3 short years he has been in office. One cannot even imagine that much money being spent in 3 years. Food prices have gone up over 20 percent. Unemployment was 7 percent when Bush left office, it is now around 9 percent with 4.6 trillion dollars spent. That would be equal to giving every American citizen, all 300 million of us, 15 billion dollars.. Go figure it out. Housing market has crashed. Poverty rates for Americans are the worst in years. Iran is getting the nuke. North Korea has not been contained in any way. The Middle -East is a disaster with no one in control and when that happens the worst elements usually take over by sheer force. Israel is in much danger. . A class war and to an extent a race war has been escalated under Obama’s leadership and instability is showing up dramatically in America. Facts are there, his policies have been a disaster. If he wins again and he may, it will be because the election has been bought out, not because his policies have worked because the facts show for certain they have not.

      • B4 u say sthg, be sure what u gonna say…….u wrong from all the infos u give us……Bush is WORST president EVER……..

        Read more man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • tonyb

          nice argument LOL

      • nobodyuknow

        Where I live when a bi-racial child is born the Race is determined By The Mothers Race…Cause So many don’t know the Baby Daddy!!!

    • andre B

      I wounder is it me I think anyone who says we are worse off than what we were 4 years ago is out of their mind . The entire auto industry on verge collapse banking industy the same . The country headed towards deprssion . Gee how soon we forget. Give that man a minute to clean up Bush’s sugar ,Honey Ice Tea

      • JC

        Andre, how much time do we GIVE? Is 2.75 years not enough? What has HE done? He had 2 years of control, including 15 weeks of filibuster proof POWER and NOTHING happened, instead he waits till Tea Party Republicans take office and THEN has issues with House and blames them for doing nothing, despite the FACT they’ve present 15 jobs/work bills to Senate and Harry (Dem, I say NO) Reid has refused to discuss on floor, and refused to take an up and down vote. Yet instead of holding Senate accountable this guy blames Bush, as you do. In the “REAL WORLD” a TOP CEO that 2.75 years later is still blaming the PAST CEO would be FIRED, for lack of OWNERSHIP. Obama, while Super Committee was attempting to reach agreement, REFUSED to be in D.C, instead chosing to campaign and blast Republicans. You can cry and blame Bush, but it’s beyond TIME for this MAN to look in the MIRROR and SAY I and WE, not YOU to everyone. He’s been blaming everyone and everything for anything bad happening, but somehow can OWN Osama Bin Laden, despite using Bush’s policies and practices, and NOT being on the ground when it happened. He takes credit for the troops leaving Iraq by end of 2011, while it is FACT that Bush had noted that was THE PLAN from his agenda. Somehow this man has found time and reason to take CREDIT for anything good, but can’t be found when it is time to get his own hands dirty and DO. Again, WHAT has HE done productive. Do you not understand the FACT that the “debt” ceiling discussion was relevant LAST year too, and despite Democratic control of House, Senate and Oval Office Obama did NOT do anything, nor did he make public comments about it, or TELL filibuster proof Congress to do anything, nope….HE waited until Republicans took control of House and THEN blames them and wants action. As many issues that I had with Bush and how he handled economy and Iraq, it is completely ignorant to not see what is going on. At least Bush didn’t spend his time blaming Democrats and Clinton and he had every right to, as everything we are seeing had it’s foundation laid while Bill Clinton spent more time UNDER the Oval office Desk than behind it. Educate yourself on Freddie and Fannie and maybe you’ll understand that, as well as USS Cole. The other REALITY you seem not to understand is that EVERY action that was taken by Bush has Congressional APPROVAL, something Obama has FAILED to GET or in some cases worry about, and that includes times when he had filibuster proof control. Educate yourself, and NO, this isn’t from Fox News, or some “proported” right wing news source that I got my data, it’s simple to Google and find this via MSNBC, CNN, Politico and other sources, as even Obama can’t hide from the truth, but the media doesn’t TELL you that every day, so you keep drinking the koolaid. It’s there, regardless of your bias, so try reading and attempt to invalidate my statements before trashing them, as I have checked, it’s reality, but Dems and Libs somehow can’t understand that, or don’t care.


      This type of self ego-explosian antics is very hard for people like myself, a veteran of foreign wars that is trying to live on S.S.I., which is below the poverty level. Because all of my records from 1953 were destroyed in a fire, so I can’t get any help from YOUR GOVERNMENT, but you and your family and your staff can vacation and continue to try and rule the world, rather than take care of the elderly the veterans which by the way you, like Clinton, never spent a day in uniform defending our country! This reply will never be seen you or anyone of importance,but there is in this country country millions of VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS, that need help and know that your OBABA-NATION will go on as ic. Too bad fir us!

  • RYAN

    Are you kidding me ??? With all that is going wrong in the country and around the world, this narcissist is going to sponsor a stupid basketball tournament ! What an ego ! I cannot wait until the Marxist Mac-daddy is unemployed, or better yet, on a postage stamp or milk carton ! WAKE UP Amerika, it is time to take the country back and return it to its rightful owners. (We, the people)

    • Purple Pea

      Dont you mean you the angry white people. since when did this country belong to any of us. Get a life.

      • james


      • Remember this quote: “You can’t legislate Intelligance and common sense into people. You cannot broaden a man’s vision if he wasn’t born with one.” Will Rogers Thanks. Bruce Hoop-Indianapolis

        • ishok


        • GeeJay

          Bruce Hoop, your quote by Will Rogers explains you to a “T”

      • JohnPatrick

        Progressives from the left including the democrats and Obama have borrowed and spent YOUR MONEY, since 2008 adding over $15000.00 per person to the national debt. What did you get, since 2008, for your $15000.00?

    • countryhermit

      Ryan you are apparently lost, maybe you should cuddle with your newt gingrich doll

    • PETER


      • hockey

        Your right Ryan, hate destroys from within. Just klike obammie boy destroying this once great country with his social agenda to redistribute the wealth. I have not seen him redistributing any of his wealth from his books, time in office and I bet he keeps all the proceeds from this bogus game. Just another reason that the NBA and its greedy players can sit out the season. Dont see NBA players redistributing any of their wealth made from playing a stupid games and from people that work hard for their money to pay for overpriced tickets.

        • dan

          you Obama haters are so consumed with hatred that all the stuff you write against him is so pathetic and pointless! Obammie boy is the man, he does what he can! there is nothing you haters can do but hate! in your face…lol. Obammie rules!

          • vern

            You people want to make this a racist thing, wise-up it’s his policies based on his advisers that is screwing up the country. That is what we don’t like about him and his advisers. It has nothing to do with race.

      • Badger1

        Funny when negative remarks come from the right, the Libs call it hate. When the Libs rip a persons family apart and dig up fabrications the lame stream media runs with it. Hypocrites!

      • maurice

        and so does an anti American president. Obama would be best served as some imam in syria

    • Truly Yours

      Are you kidding me???? Narcissisit really? You people are just so ignorant when it comes to things now days.. I am sorry that he isn’t your ordinary Republican Party President. Let’s not forget it takes a couple of years to fix something that someone else screwed up for quite some years back when he was President. Stop putting the blame on a President who is still cleaning up mess. And if it were a Chanel party or a party in Beverly Hills somewhere I know you wouldn’t be complaining.

      So please go sit down! And next time make sure you do spell check before you try to talk about anyone else!!

      • Mike

        “Right on” from a white liberal.

      • Badger1

        You mean the Congress the democrats controlled from 2006-2010. What exactly is the Community organizer fixing? We have gone from bad to worse!? Harvard law degree? Really? Apparently US history and geography and pronunciation of the english language is not required to get a degree at Harvard. 57 states? Really Mr. President? Its corpsmen, not corpse men! Where is the excess money? The money from the 7 other states Mr. Obama budgeted for? Obama is the capitol for the state of Confusion!

        • doug

          sorry all you right wingers need a president and a congress to to tell you how to live, get you jobs. only use the miissionary position.tell a woman what to do with her own body. attack the wrong country for 911. oh and spend all of are money doing it. and then the vice president gets rich rebuilding the country we spent all of are taxes bombing. sorry you need help wiping your asses , get a life and start thinking on your own

          • grammarnazi

            Please get a grammar handbook with the money you get from your job. By the way stereotype hatred is idiotic as well as the spin that you put on your add in about abortion and sex.
            Also so you know, the republicans are the one’s that want less government…just saying… Iraq was harboring terrorists so it wasn’t really the wrong country, the public as well as GW were told that Huessain (HOW DO YOU SPELL HIS NAME?!) (I’m kind of OCD about spelling) had weapons of mass destruction. The intelligence could not be confirmed because he banned all foreign inspectors from entering Iraq, it was his own fault.

      • jim



      • jim



      • JohnPatrick

        Dems have run congress for 40 years except a few odd years, numbnuts.

      • grammarnazi

        Before you whine about other people spell checking their comments I suggest you do so on your own, as well as a grammar check… Once you’ve muddled through all of the haziness of proper writing perhaps a moment will come when you realize that Obama has done very little in his 4-year term. Unemployment is still high, the national deficit as well as debt is overwhelming (I bet you can’t tell me the difference between a deficit and a debt without looking it up, so please don’t call people ignorant), the health care system is fragmented, as an upper lower class student working as a part time waiter I don’t qualify for grants because I have a job, I can’t get rid of my job because “THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH” but am able to pay my bills so I don’t qualify for our expansive welfare system. Just a brief overview of what he hasn’t done and now for a brief overview of what he has done. He has pulled the majority of the troops out of Iraq, he has authorized the elimination of Bin Laden (Hell yeah SEAL team 6), tried to rekindle with some of our allies, is currently attempting to regulate and control radio and TV broadcasting as well as the Internet (Government did tests a few weeks back to see if they’d be capable of controlling such a thing), he has attempted and failed to assassinate political leaders of another country (yes I’m speaking of Gaddafi; he had it coming but it was not NATO or the United States responsibility to attempt such strikes), he has put pressure on allied/ friendly-ish foreign leaders to step down from power instead of advising them to reform, he’s raised taxes and no visible results that have been promised have come of the increases and possibly the most annoying thing is the deeper divide created by his presidency between the republican and democrat party (he promised to work on both sides of the line) that has led to all of the annoying negative campaigning. Now for an overview of things that have happened that he has or most likely will take credit for doing even though the event was directly caused by someone else. He will claim to have reformed healthcare successfully (last I check his plan still sucked), eliminated several potential threats to our national security (he said yes when the military thought it was right to include him), taken the economy out of a recession (the economy naturally goes in and out of recessions based upon global consumer patterns and with the increases in war, hostilities and natural disasters around the world people either refuse to buy our product or simply can’t which increases the extent of a recession), improved the housing market (again, cycle), brought relief to the unemployed (their still unemployed and my paycheck is still in the toilet) and many other more trivial matters. He hasn’t done even half of what he has promised so I don’t know how he can be considered an amazing leader and the savior of the American people, as he has been portrayed to be but on the same token he’s done a significant amount, that if he had not promised so much he might be doing well as a President. I’m interested to see what he would do with 4 more years but on the same token I don’t want to have 4 more years of this…On another topic GW Bush rocked it out as a President. The economic problems were the result of Clinton era economic policies, we were attacked and GW answered that attack, he wasn’t the best tactician in the world to deal with terrorist fighters and neither are our current generals, he cut taxes and gave the middle and lower class a break as well as the upper class but the trickle down theory of economics is a steadfast one and he was doing great in his Presidency and had some of the highest approval ratings in history until he started letting more liberal policy slip in to his agenda such as the first bail out (business is all about failing) and then the liberal media raped his image and now he is talked about like some disgusting pimple on our backsides. It isn’t right to do a man in like that. Sorry for the run-on sentences (while not wrong) and the constant use of parentheses/asides, I know they’re annoying but I have a research paper to write so I’m in a hurry. Finally there’s nothing wrong with holding a basketball game to benefit his campaign (assuming no tax-payer dollars are used), it’s that kind of creative thinking that we need to get into the oval office.

      • tonyb

        Tell you what, based upon your reasoning, the Democratic congress who was in power should be replaced just as Bush was. Keep Obama and I want two-third majority in the house and senate – Sound fair to me

      • robby

        Read Confidence Men by Suskind and see who is really responsible for our economic mess.–Sunners, Frank, Geithner Gentzler, Dodd Blankfein, Dimon, Weill, Wolf, Corzine., Paulson. All but Paulson are liberal Democratss.. The White House is a revolving door for Goldman Sachs

    • Amistad!

      We the people meaning the white people is what your really saying. Are you mad he is going to raise more money than your people and buy the presidency for a second term. Are you mad because he will smash your people in any debate? Or is it that he can call shots at the highest level and other millionaires back him? Or is it that he is black? America is about to vote him in again. We the people have spoken. Keep up the good work Obama!

      • Guiseppe

        What made this a black white issue… He would be a self centered idiot regardless of his race… Wake up America,,, We elected a loser who is outclassed in his job… Trivia Question: Name 2 countries that were allies that he hassn’t alienated…

        • Grant

          You must be referring to the former president bush when he alienated every country that he couldn’t coerce into the coalition of the willing when starting the iraq war. And by self centered you must mean self interested like the corporate loving republican party. You know, the party of the monied interests that have the political backing of the Supreme court and concern only for the profits of their corporate puppeteers who don’t care how much of our planet is destroyed in their quest for a healthy bottom line.

        • People like you make it a Black and white issue. He is our President and more intelligent than any republicanPresident ever elected. Sad but you know what they saw about opinions ? The real loser is the individual who thinks that the Presidents makes these decisions without the backing of the American Legislative Body. The truth is: Our racist behavoir is what alienates us from our former allies. Who would want to be associated with peopole who behave like you do.

        • THowellIII

          Can’t name two allies… after Bush’s 8 years, we didn’t have two left. I think it’s funny that the same people that were responsible for electing, then unbelievably re-electing the worst president in our country’s long history now want to be critical of the guy who is cleaning up the Duke of Hazzard’s mess. Especially when the reason the clean-up is taking so long is that the rest of the GOP is walking behind him dumping ashtrays everywhere he cleans. We have a two party system. Our government does not work if one party chooses not to participoate in governance, as the GOP has refused to govern.

          This is a group who’s stated goal since the election of Obama has been the downfall of our country. They stated this was their goal, and for the first time in memory, they are actually following through effectively on anything. They have made every effort to wreck this country so that they could blame Obama and try to make him lose in 2012. With a few notable exceptions (read above), the American people are smarter than that, and Obama will win re-election as he should.

          If a friend of mine borrows my car and wrecks it, I won’t loan another to him for some time if ever. This is how the US should treat the GOP. They blow a lot of hot air, but after walking out of our figurative houses to see Bush and company6 repeatedly driving our car into a brick wall, if we have any intelligence at all it will be 2100 before we let them try to lead again.

          • ndini

            I am not American but i would like to say thank you for point out how the rest of the world actual see things from outside.
            We do struggle to understand our your house can be on fire but you can still sit there and warn other people about their houses be on fire while doing nothing about yours, case in point is the US taking shots at China then at the same time going their with a begging bowl …….If Obama loses in 2012 then America loses in a big way the last thing the world needs another US prez thinking that he is john wayne

          • grammarnazi

            Pre-Obama Allies: the UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, France, Egypt, Israel, China (sort of), Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and South Africa to name a few…

            Post-Obama: the UK (maybe), Australia, South Africa and the rebels of Libya.

            Looks like Obama is doing a lot better than Bush in the foreign affairs department.

          • grammarnazi

            I forgot Pakistan on the Pre-Obama list. My B

        • doug

          you made it a black thing by asking for a birth certificate. george bush alieninated all of are allies. going into iraq because of weapons of mass distruction when there was none and made collen powell lie about it. you lied about pat tillman. i went to his funeral.

      • bigcatguy

        ICAM! He is doing the very best he can in the face of all the haters and obstructionists. Four more years!

      • JohnPatrick

        Obama is not good in a debate. He is merely a good teleprompter reader with an adoring mainstream media

      • Gmanmatt

        If you think he’s doing “Good Work” you are truly brainwashed.

      • Amistad, your statements show you have no clue about the history of this country, nor the words “We The People.” Why not spend some time learning and educating yourself. Until you have a CLUE about US history and the Constitution, you are nothing, honestly not worthy of a vote, much less time. WHY, because IF you had a CLUE, you’d know that our Founding Fathers were MASSIVELY against slavery, so your statement shows your ignorance of our Constitution, and the REASONS why the US wanted to be seperate from English control. I bet if you were asked you’d say, “taxation without representation”, which is ONE of the reasons, but issues surrounding slavery and the feelings of Americans that opposed Bristish/England’s thoughts on slavery were much higher up the list. Hey, can’t truly blame your ignorance, that’d mean you have to READ the Constitution, and it’d mean that the media and our modern schools would actually have to TEACH true history, not made up history.
        It’s a shame…when I was a kid, we learned how Great Martin Luther King’s movement was, and how WRONG Malcolm X and his thoughts were. NOW, my son learns that these 2 men were similar. MLK would roll over in his grave hearing that, but that’s the problem today, people allow themselves to continue in ignorance if they “like” the way it sounds or what they here, verses validating TRUTH. Educate yourself dude

    • lawrence

      marxist mac- daddy??
      i will agree with you on one point, which is the inference that Obama somehow has brought problems to the country in being president. This is true, for his being in office has uncovered for all to see the bigotry and inherit racism that is embedded inside the mentalities of so-called americans like yourself Ryan. I know, some of your best friends are black, right? You, the Tea party loyalists, Republicans in the Senate, Limbaugh, and FOX news all generate hate and a truly ignorant approach to our common plight as americans. I would be willing to bet that if Obama was caucasion, no one, irregardless of his policies (which I don’t totally agree with myself) would be suggesting that we take “our” country back. Incredible.

      • righteous

        I am sorry, isn’t Obama half black? or is it half white?

    • Lawrence

      “our” country??? Ryan, you have problems dude. This country does not belong to any particular group. Study the history and it is all about inclusiveness. Your mentality fosters hate and divisiveness that sounds right out of the Jim Crow, Rush Limbaugh textbook.

      • Jay

        you are dead from neck up. How’s that for HATE! Wake-up

    • the native americans?

    • If you don’t mean the Indians then you need a serious history lesson about the truth…

    • RVGrandpa

      Basketball is Marxist??? You might be stretching your imagination just a little bit? Sounds like a great event; the public gets to see a terrific game, the president reaps a few sheckels for his re-election, and the players get some unscheduled exercise. It’s a win, win, win. Oh wait , , , , you don’t want him to be re-elected ’cause he’s a Marxist. Or is it Muslim? Or is it Commie? Or is it Socialist? Guess you won’t be going. LOL.

    • Darin

      Ryan shut the hell up,its no different than a fund raising dinner which ALL politicians use to raise campaign money.And by the way you spelled AMERICA,its easy to see where youre coming from.Nobody OWNS America so if you want to practice being a nazi,why dont you go to Germany. Goodbye.

    • D. Rich

      Yes it should be,,,,,,, The AmeriCAN Indian!!!! Ignorance is bliss Huh???????????LMAO
      Get an education and grow up,L-ooo-ser

    • dan

      yes he can! yes he can! haters will hate, hate on haters! play on Obama! u da man!

    • ray

      u are a jerk, u must be a sad person, can we have a little fun, when bush was president he never worked…….just stayed at that dat gumed ranch

    • JScott

      @Ryan and the other racist. While your limited ability to think for yourself is evident, let me remind you that this country belongs to all of us, and not just white people. This is a fundraiser, no different than the fundraisers Romney and Perry have had, except this one involves millionaires who are black. Is that what you are upset about? The 99% are waking up and taking the country back. Your welcome to stay as long as you keep your ignorance to yourself.

    • I totally aggree with you. By the way, he looks to be holding a ABA ball. Bruce Hoop

    • D-nice

      So what nobody said anything when bush was blowing the country money. thank bush for this mess we in he the one that shitted on everyone,and left it for someone else to clean up.Why don’t you go help obama finish cleaning bush ass.Dam house niggas.

    • ishok

      “Arbeit macht frei”. Was the sign that met Jews as they entered Auschwitz.
      “Work makes free”.
      It amazes me that so many so-called common sense “free thinkers” are being lead so easily to the slaughterhouse… with the entry sign “tea party”. Big business has ruined our economic system with their greed and refusal to pay their fair share. And you folks line up to defend them against a government thats trying to keep them out of your rear end. Beware when the Koch brothers start handing out personal lubricants.

    • wayne1971

      You’re an ignorant sorry excuse for an American. Why is it all about race? Let me guess Obama is the reason you don’t have job or the reason you enjoy screwing your sister right? Get a grip! This country has been going down hill every since Regan was in office. How in the hell you don’t remember him dam near breaking this country to prove a point to the Rusians. When we start stopped manufacturing our own raw material; thats when this country headed for the wellfare line. It’s not about Obama being black or white it’s about people like you who don’t know sh$$ about economics and formulate an opinion based on BULLS#!%%. i CAN’T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE, BUT I do know the best way to make him look bad is to not let him pass anything in which proposes. The Rupublicans have done a great job at that, so if you want blame someone, blamethe assholes who really care about this country, just a freaking tilte “democrat/republican” We need people that really want this country to do better making decisions for us as a hole!

    • Fred

      Ryan it’s people like that make minorities strive in the good old U.S.A. Now one is the President of the Country and he has my vote again. My the way the white poeple stole this land from it’s original owners the Indian people if you want to give it back to it’s rightful owners.

    • victoria Jallow


      u r stupid, if u don’t like Obama , go to bed, get drunk, quit trying to be a butt hole, leave the man a lone. he doing a great job.

  • Jackie

    I will not watch any team that any of the players are on again except to root for their defeat. Obama is only out for himself. Wake up America

    • tate roberts

      The problem is this is a 100 percent money grab for Obama. None of this money is going to charity. None of this money is going to help those that are struggling in America. Nope this money is going to the twat that has ruined America over the last three years.


      • RVGrandpa

        Yep, he got the country in absolutely perfect condition when he took over. Bushy and co. left us in real good shape. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike

        What about Obama’s predecessor he ruined this country, left no exit strategy for Iraq. Obama has been trying to clean up Bush’s mess.

        • Mason

          What do you mean left no exit strategy for Iraq? The one that President Obama is currently using to have troops out by the end of this year was developed and agreed upon by President Bush and now people assume that this was all an original idea by President Obama.

      • Fred

        tate : At least they are not paying 5K for a plate of food and don’t see where
        playing basketball is no different than playing golf to raise funds for a
        cause. The seating is priced no different from a sports event therefore
        more can attend not just the rich dressed in tuxs and evening dresses.

  • Elle

    Well, every candidate has campaign fundraising and at least this one doesn’t mean someone puts money in his pockets in order to push their policies. No lobbying, and he’s completely open about its purpose? Creative, in my opinion.

  • Leo

    It really is quite sad to see some of the commits, meanning returning america to it’s rightful owners. No Country divided shall stand, but all countries that stand are because they are United. So the term rightful owners is (UNITED)

  • trackcoach

    Well good for him! this is a very creative way to raise funds for a campaign. Most politians would just take money from rich lobbyist and promise them a favor in return! Obama is just promising WE THE PEOPLE a good show! DWP!!!

    • Bigmarunga

      You are an idiot to think that Obumbler does not take money from lobbyist. He has them in his inner circle. Where do you think the DNC is planning to get their goal of $1 billion to re-elect this turd?

      • RVGrandpa

        I sent in my first installment, how about you??

  • Obama the Idiot

    what an idiot, there is more important things than basketball, and he should acutally encourage the lockout and get to real issues. I fucking hate him so much,

    • amber

      it always amazes me when people say why are they doing that there are so many more important things going on in the world……really!! please stop all entertainment that you are apart of right now..because i don’t think you care about the plight of the world if you ever enjoy yourself!!!!!!!

      • Gcard86

        Uh we are not the president!

    • ninkapar

      You must be white to hate him so much, Former President Bush was the idiot. Bush robbed this country of millions and had thousands of young men and women killed, maimed, and disfigured for life, to fight his private war. Now that is being a self centered IDIOT!!!

      What a shame that the United States is still ripe with racism and hatred which is sadly embedded in this society.

      • Tim

        Can’t say I disagree–the color of Obama’s skin without question riles up that racist base in the angry republican sector, which whether they’re conscious of it or not is why they “hate him so much.” I mean, like Barack, but things aren’t all that drastically different than they were under Bush yet they’ve been flipping out about socialism since day one. In fairness, though, these jackals would absolutely despise and loathe anyone in the Oval office with a D next to his/her name on the ballot. They hated Bill Clinton and wanted him out every single day during the country’s most prosperous PEACEFUL years. Eight terrifying years of Bush/Cheney, and after all the death and destruction of our economy….they still can’t admit that anything was wrong with the man, and I’m sure they’d vote for him again if they could. So I think race plays a factor in just how MUCH they can blindly hate Obama, but I think you also need to factor in a very large degree of just stupid unreasonable politics from very unreasonable people. Personally, I hope he wins that second term and REALLY gives them a reason to be angry (it’ll be great for BillOreilly’s ratings and who knows, we might even climb into the top 30 countries in the world in terms of health care…put some distance between us and the Slovenians)

        • Mike

          Nice try Tim. The open-minded and “USA First” liberals embraced Bush because he was the President of our great country. They supported him at every turn to promote unity and avoid divisiveness. Play that race card for all its worth- I know Obama is not stupid- he simply does not have the skills to do his job. That seems to be a common problem in the Federal Government.

      • Californian7

        Racism….give us all a break….name the white player on the confirmed list in the article…..

        • Did Kevin Love become black. He’s on the list. Or did you read the list?

        • thetest

          Did you even read the list of names? Tyler Hansbrough & Kevin Love.
          Ohhhhh, you don’t actually follow basketball……..

      • gcard86

        I believe you are full of racism! Anytime somebody criticizes Obama they get called a racist. He is just an unqualified idiot that cares only for himself. He could be of any color and be an idiot. Race is not a factor. The Democrats are fully responsible for the financial crisis and its all still on Youtube from meetings where they denied there were any problems, while the financial regulator was trying to fix things. Dems wanted nothing to do with it! Go watch the facts.

    • You hate him for what reason? the one your unGodly inherited or contagious ways will
      not let you address ? The great thing about these blogs is it alerts us all of how far we come in our development of HATE. Words no longer suffice because you can’t excape the Fundamental Fairnees Clause, The Voter Rights Act,or the legal action that accompanies your overt action of your hate filled spirit

      So we the people who stole the land of others, destroyed the human dignity of all other who were not ‘the people’ through our Barbaric means of FALSE PROMISES, WAR, AND SLAVERY, now find our selves being dictated to be one who is not of the people.

      Like the serpent; some of those sons and daughters of ‘ we the people’ use our microphones and Newspapers ( the modern day ropes) attempting to lynch those non people even if he is the President of the United States.

      So sad, this Great Country of Bigoted media mongols and commentators, now want their country back. would that be Ireland Scotland,Germany, Italy or Pre-South Africa under Ian Smith ??

      Remember it was Moses who led the people to the Promise land. and they too began their subtle revolt as they left all the wonderful amenities of Egypy behind.

      Check mate my ‘Peoples’ See the Paralels. Spend somtime understand your Gospels unpon which our founding fathers based all things. They were Good men and well intended. they handed you the commandments but you abused them you still worship the Golden Calf. Some of us intend to cross this desert with our Moses at the helm and hopefully there is no need for the Red Sea to part, for you are already drowning in your hatred.

      I hope you understand the Philosphical intent before you drown and I still call you brother or sister.

  • countryhermit

    Seems funny to me that these apparently right wing idiots worry about Pres Obama raising money with a basketball game and don’t say shit about their repubs getting donations from big business and wall street. Maybe they should write their congressmen and ask them to compromise on policy instead of the “my way or else” philosophy that is ruining this great country of ours. Obama inherited this economy from gw bush and the repubs have fought to keep it this way trying to defeat Obama in 2012. Ain’t gonna work bozos.

    • Ryan

      Wow, will you ever get over blaming GWB ? The economy was going along fine until 2006 when pelosi and her ilk stepped in.

      • RVGrandpa

        Can you name anything Pelosi did to hurt the economy? Anything?

        • RON DIMMICK

          We in California can’t think of anything that Pelosihas done for the working family or the folks that are trying to live on S.S.I , which by the way, we are forced to pay income taxes on when earn it and again when we file our returns!

    • tate roberts

      And you don’t think Obama is not getting money from big business either? He supports the Occupy Wallstreet fools, says the wall street companies are the problem (which is policies are the problem), and he then asks for money from them. That’s a two faced fool to me.

      It blows my mind that the black community has been hit the hardest by Obama’s marxist socialistic policies and have a 26% unemployment rate (highest ever in 100 years); but they still support the guy by 86% margin????

      Herman Cain (a black guy) was right…the liberal commie democrats have brainwashed the blacks.

      • lol,these studies on unemployment have only been done while obama has been in office. its people like u,who are brain washed.

    • Californian7

      Mr. Obama received more contributions from wall street and corporations than McCain….The least you can do is be accurate….crimeney sakes….who’s the idiot now….

  • collette

    You are all missing the most important point…Kevin Durant is hot!!

  • blah2bothparties

    Obama watches the country sink due to his sh!t policy and socialist ideas. No Republicans arent any better, but you all damn well know if Bush had something like this during a down economy you all would be trashing him. So stop throwing stones at glass houses. Don’t bash Obama for this if you would defend a repub President, and get off Obama’s nuts when you know if Bush or a Repub President did something like this during our crap economy you’d be talking sh!t. Both parties have issues, both are out for themselves – but its really sad that ppl are still backing this current President when all hes done is dig us deeper into a depression. Our $ is worthless and his policy is to tell the world sorry for everything we do. He hasnt done anything positive, Bush sucked to the max as well. Clinton was the last semi-decent president we’ve had, and ya he got head in the office but at least he didnt put us in a hole. – Now drop the political talk and get back to the bball….these idiot players and owners need to learn to compromise cuz theyre only hurting themselves. ncaa isnt going on a lockout anytime soon and they’ll gladly welcome the viewers

  • james


  • Rauber

    Might as well do something for the unemployed (NBA players).

  • This is great to know all these HATERS.Since 2008.Republicans only objectives are to Get Him Out of Office.This is what they want.Obama to Fail.They are interestd in Failure for AMERICA.They say NO to Everything.Newt say He is no Lobbiest but only an Influence.What could he tell FREDDI MAC? That they dont know,and he turn around and blame DODD/FRANK.In 2006 when the Dems.tried to bring Regulations to FMac/F Maye. Repubs. Objected.
    They dont want JOBS for POOR Americans.They want Rich ,to gain over the Poor.They defending These Rich guys.They are shameless.
    Look at the Candidates they are supporting.Cain ? Newt ? Michele? Romney? and Perry,he dont even remember that he wanted to CUT TEXAS off the USA.This Bozzo needs a Bath.
    Mr President,You have a BirthPaper,Not a Socialist.Born in USA not Kenya,fools,
    This country have no room for fools.They are stupid educated Jackasses.Paul Ryan,Sarah fraid to stand up at Obama.He will Embarras them so much.The Telepromter or Not.Is cut Arse for all you Hopeless Republicans.
    Ron Paul is the smartest Candidate in their PAC.
    All you dumb,fox Republican Network.
    They read and Spell and cannot Understand,In Australia the President spoke of We were a bit Lazy in doing More.Allthese Educated Fools,Fox Net Work,Perry,Romney,they say that he Called Americans Lazy.The President does not have to say this,The Mexicans,and Farmers of the South would Confirm this.
    Go Obama Go,after this is done,time to Send Stern HOME he has destroyed this sport,Home Time Stern.

    • Californian7

      Mr. Obama had a super majority in Congress for 2 years….what did he do? Squander it on paying back his corporate and wall street sponsors….The guy is a detriment to we taxpaying Americans…If he’d just quit talking for a few weeks, the economy would improve…He’s the “great divider” just listen to his rhetoric…….He didn’t need a single Republican vote and what did he do for you …..nothing, except blame George Bush, blame the Republicans, blame the white cop, blame the oil companies, blame the coal companies, blame the market (think Solyndra), blame the white electorate (think black panthers), blame Jan Brewer (think border legislation in Arizona)…blame George Bush again (think Fast and Furious)….blame people who actually pay taxes (..those rich white folk and anyone making over 100,000/year), blame non-union workers (even though union workers only make-up 12-13% of the workforce)….blame, blame, blame…I wonder who he blames for his golf game?

  • gg4getgone

    It’s insulting to all the bigots that refuse to recognize how smart the President is. If you can’t match the rich donors outwit them. What most disturbs the republicans is that he is always a step ahead of them in his thinking process. If I were him I would not run for a second term give this mess back to those who created it. (Republicans). He has shown americans that there are intelligent minorities that can run this country; without running it into the ground. Those who say that he once had a Democrated house are well aware that is misleading……… There have always been those who are elected as a Democrat but support republican agendas (blueDOGS)… However there are alot of people that do not have the capacity to think for themselves nor do they read, so they listen to rush limbuagh, bill orielly and fox news. And that becomes thier truth, as well as thier ignorance. Give it back President Obama and enjoy your beautiful wife lovely daughters after all you’re ok financially, and let the republicans continue to hold back the poor. That most of the ignorant Americans believe our minorities. But mathimatically you can not be the minority and be the majority on Social Programs. Wake Up America…………. If we had privitized social security / invested it in stocks like the Repulicans wanted to do during the bush era wonder how much poverty the elderly would be in. Let them have this mess back; your fighting for social programs, social security, health care etc., that you don’t have a need for. You accomplished and completed everything that they have allowed you to captured or killed more terrorist then the Republicans did, saved the auto industry, placed restrictions on the financial sector, which has dipped into many lobbyist pockets. And most importantly you have shown American hicks that there is such a thing as a strong, united, positive, intelligent Minority Foundation “Known As Family” give it back, you have made history…… You will never satisfy the ney sayers, racist, or some of the most disinfranchised (who are not the minority). Go home while you are still young gifted and BLACK!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah…I think the same thing…if they think they can do better have it…but I do believe he cares about out country and the ppl in it…just that ppl sometime get on the bandwagon a lot and never seek for them selves…

    • Right………..

      It’s amazing how any time you dont support or disagree with Obamatics you are called a Racist.

      Well, I think that it’s a weak argument for the weak minded….grow up and bring something with some substance. You gotta really wonder about the people that play the race card so easily…………….where is your heart and head?

      Yea I’m talking to you…Purple Pea, Amistad, Lawrence, RVgrandpa, why dont you come with a legitamate debate. It makes you look week minded!!!

  • sense&sensibility

    It’s a fundraiser! That’s what everyone running for the political office does. They get together with their supporters and raise money to pay for their campaign. It’s no different than having a $500 dollar per plate dinner with an entertainer that supports the candidate.

  • BIG G


  • Brad

    Any different from any other fundraiser? I don’t think so. Who do you think will be getting those tickets for one, two and five thousand dollars? “The public?” I don’t think so. Someone who buys a block of ten $5000 tickets will get a little whisper in the president’s ear. NO different than ANY other fundraiser. Because the “value” of the game is hard to determine, is this a way that they may able to skirt some of the campaign donation limitations? I am just speculating but my point is this is no different than any other form of political hands begging.

  • WOW

    No wonder the US has crumbled, just listen to the hate. I bet the ones on here pushing hate are folks that say they love God. You cannot love God whom you never seen and hate your brother who you see all the time! But then again, thats the purpose of some of these comments is to push hate towards a good man hmm.

    • Amen


      You are sooooo correct. Listen to all the hate. One comment says ” I f*ing hate him so much.”……… Oh my God! Lord please Bless each any everyone who posted here and cleanse their heart. AMEN!

  • roge859

    Wow, come on it is only a basketball game. I have never seen a President get his every move examined such as President Obama. Face it this is no different from any fundraising event. Think about it fundraiser almost always involve wealthy individuals or celebrities using their status to raise money.

  • Bob M

    Ryan—rightful owners? Were you referring to American Indians…I guess that makes the rest of us illegal aliens. Ya Think???

  • What a laugh. He kills so many jobs by not letting America be America. The NBA players are trying to suck dry the people paying them and OBAMA gets the cash. OBAMA and the NBA can only make it because of us,,,,,,,,,,don’t pay to see this or OBummer!

  • Atlas

    Dis country is not falling due to Obama’s policies, dis country has been fucked up for years. I give Obama his due credit. Obama has gotten done more things then both da bushes in only a quarter of the time. Republicans aren’t trying let him complete his job. Da 99%erz wouldn’t have 2 be protesting if they were to have jobs. Can’t have jobs if u can’t pass da jobs bill, which is being held up by da stupid ass republicans such as McConnell and Boehner and the Tea Party. They pledged not to let a black man succeed at any cost even if it were to cause a fall of this country. Fuck Bush, McCain, and the rest of those fucking idiots….4 more years.

    • rubio

      Atlas Where did you learn that excellent vocabulary, Go Man, You da man

  • anynomous

    I’m going to vote for the first time of my life to get this guy out of the office.

    • RVGrandpa

      How is your name pronounced???

  • Californian7

    $100-$5000 and his name plastered all over it…..Does the guy have any other “stimulus” plans besides those that benefit him or his campaign contributors? Is this his idea of being a man of the people for the “common man”…. Well, at least you see his truly elitist, self-edifying persona……

  • Rod

    man yall sound like a bunch of racist stupid ignorant people. If this was George Bush doing this then yall would have a fucking field day about how he is doing the right thing. Get the racism out of your mind and realize that this man is bringing this country back to where it used to be. He is bringing our loved ones back home to us so stop being so damn ignorant you dumbasses

    • Gmanmatt

      Hey Rod go fuck yourself

  • Mick

    Obama is not even eligible, no matter where he was born. He was born British, of a British subject father. Dual allegiance at birth voids his eligibility as a natural born Citizen

  • wil

    Hate almost destroyed this country. Brother against brother to end slavery, to make everyone equal, but yet racism still exist in this country. This country was stolen from the native americans and then was built on the backs of slaves, Native American and Black. We do not own this country. The native americans do. Our current president cares more about you then you care about yourself. He tries to create jobs, he makes sure you have when corporations in this company fire, layoff, or try to cheat you. He genuinely cares about all americans and our welfare, but the hate still exists. You hate a man thats helping you. Biting the hand that helps to feed you. what will you do when the republicans take over and try to stop all social programs. You will be wishing President Obama could be in office to help.

  • American

    Outstanding, Obama is not my favorite candidate for next president big deal. Obama is more like a rich preacher fund raising for a church social instead of privately like most. More power to him gets some spoiled millionaires to volunteer some time for more millionaires. I’m sure there is a tax write off involved. Pro sports are for rich people. Collegiate sports are for the athletes that are still trying to become millionaires but not completely corrupt yet. Yet this is still America where each one of these choices is available to each of us and sharing our opinions here without being jailed beaten or killed is possible. If it not for big business we would still be a third world country and Soldiers are neither Republicans nor Democrats when the bullets are flying just targets from our foreign policy.
    Buy a dinner ticket if to want to support him because it’s not about basketball.
    Vote for him if you want to be more controlled by your government.
    Racism has no place in America make decisions about our future by voting for the candidate that has the best plan and demand to see the plan not the salesman hype we are used to from every party.
    Anyway Enjoy the Classic event.

  • The funny thing about it is…why are we so upset and all the president is doing nothing different than any other president…raising money…that is the main reason the replublicians are scared of…who can raise the most money…or did you forget that…they are only trying to back the one that can raise more money then him…and as far as the country being messed up…you guys are looking at the wrong ppl…the president only stay in office 4 years and two terms only….who is in congress for 10, 20, 40, or 50 years…they make laws and pass bills…lets be real…

  • RWX

    It’s amazing the mindset of the Left and their overuse of the word “racist” and their distortions and perceptions of history. The word “racist” has zero meaning anymore. Where it’s apparent can be seen as obvious. But any deviance from the Messiah’s policies is seen as being racist. What blacks seem to not understand is that Obama is just as much white as he is black. He may APPEAR to be black and hence the reason he is referred to as black. But we can’t judge a person by their color, right? But, when it comes to Obama it’s okay because it serves their purpose. He looks black therefore he must be black. Isn’t THAT racist? The double standard is astounding. If whites were to act like blacks they would be chastised to no end. Wear a white pride tattoo and see what happens. Wear a black pride tattoo and see what happens. Wear a brown pride tattoo and see what happens. Blacks are the MOST racist people I’ve ever come across. It’s okay to call a white man a cracker but not okay if you call a black man a spook. It’s blacks …NOT WHITES …that need tolerance and diversity training.

  • reality check

    If anybody believes this situation is exclusive to Whites Blacks, Republicans or Democrats, rich or poor you are all truly LOST. There are entire countries going bankrupt due to CREDIT, everyone wants to live beyond their means and take tax payer money and gamble in the market to pay garuntee pensions and try to pocket money any additional gains. Even the poorest of people have babies, when they can’t afford it or but iPHONES,,,,,it’s insane. We are all the problem, we all need to be the solution. CREATE term limits in the house and senate, BAN: Garunteed Pensions, oh an Obama and governement can only really create unionized govt jobs (UNION = power = for votes), they need to stimulate Private creation of jobs. Obama also got the most $$$ ever in his previous campaign in a new system that allowed it not to be traceable (AKA) can’t really tell whom he owes. PS I am what YOU call white, and I would have voted in Allan Keyes or Colin Powell years before anybody knew of Obama.

  • Keith

    Great idea!! Where can I purchase an official Obama Classic t-shirt??!!

  • Keith

    Where can I but a t-shirt?

  • Jamesb

    I bet the NEGATIVE PUBLICITY from this forces Obama and his “urban” NBA buddiies to change this into a charity game, instead of a disgusting fund raiser for this FAILED, DISPICABLE joke of a president.

    Obama is a scumbag, a ONE TERM, FAILED SUMBAG.

  • jackie j.

    This is so original, and it sounds like fun, and something different.
    I like the sport idea, instead of just giving money.

    We have such a modern President and wife.

    Plus all they have done for the Veterans and their families lately, it is good to see Obama doing something he likes and sharing it with others.

  • Bill

    You can get the latest anti-Obama videos sent to your phone by texting the word “NOBAMA” to number 91919.

    • Nick

      I’m part of the Mobile Army too. Good stuff.

    • Josh Staven

      If you text “WECANTWAIT” to the same number they’ll send you a nobama bumper sticker.

  • I like how the braindead pom-pom shakers for this President are acting as though this basketball game is Obama’s only means of fundraising. I mean wasn’t he already bragging about raising $86 million over this summer alone- more than any of the potential GOP candidates combined?

    I know it’s asking alot, given how quickly some of the MENSA candidates here whipped out the race/99% discount card, but take a look at some of the wealthies ZIP codes in the country (i.e. Beverly Hills, the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard) and see what party they routinely vote foron the local, state and federal levels. While you’re at it, Google names like John Corzine, Jeffery Immelt or George Soros and then try to tell us with a striaght face about how the wealthy (or 1% as the math-impaired want us to believe) exclusively support the GOP.

  • John 133

    God loves the world and your part of it.John 3:16-17 psalm 133, Genesis 1:26.

  • Art

    Since When was it INCORRECT raise $$ money for a good cause along with having the intelligence and staff/people advice to USE ALL of the money and not get BUSTED for it??
    Isn’t this the Good Old USA? Land of Oportunity??
    No one gets All Ben Out of Shape if it’s an Actor/Sport/Business person then the President of the of the GREATEST/Toughest/badest Country and MOST Desirable palce on earth of the Free World who also urns out to be an Honest people person! Let’s Go Shoot some hoops!!! So What?
    Be Proud that you and I have a Leader Who the World Loves/Respects and Honors!!

  • gcard86

    I can’t believe anybody in their right mind is still buying the “Blame Bush” nonsense. This President has done nothing right since he came into office. He bought the presidency the first time, and this is just part of doing it again. Why not have a basketball game for a charity? Why not raise money for cancer research? Nope, just going to raise it to buy more votes! Sounds like a lot of Americans will be without jobs for another 4 years.

  • shafco21

    turning this political is rediculous, bottom line is this isn’t a “classic” it’s publicity if it was a “classic” then there would more games like this in the years to come….not gonna happen….. This wouldn’t even be an issue if the season was goin’ on!!!! if the freakin’ owners of the teams that lost 300 mil last year had a front office that could build a decent team we would all be watchin’ the NBA right now…..furthermore all teams have slumps and all teams at 1 time or another have lost $$$$$, the players offered half what more do the owners want????

  • Kraven44


  • Tittyman

    Play ball, that’s all.

  • No Juan

    Can I be on of the basketball officials?

  • He is incompetent

    Each of you are assuming you know the race of each and every person leaving comments. It is amazing how easily racism is thrown into these discussions. Obama is incompetent, period. He is by far the least qualified President we have ever had. He was a few years removed from a community organizer. He accomplished nothing while in the Senate, and recorded a record no votes while in the Senate because he was never at work. As for balming GWB…get over it. He has had ample time to repair the damage left by GWB. Check your history…Ronald Reagan came into office with an economy every bit as bad as this one. I won’t comment on the unqualified peanut farmer that was in the office prior to him taking over. Within two years, Reagan lowered taxes brought unemploymet way down, and we enjoyed the best economic growth in the last half of the 19th century. So stop the race card, step back and use your own brains and stop listening to the agenda driven media and vote for someone other than the incumbent to lead our country back. Obama has failed!!!

  • Pedro

    Wow- Everyone is just upset. Let’s not make this into a race thing. Let’s just say it like it is.
    Fidel Castro is smart, Chavez from Venezuela is smart, but look at their country- the people are suffering and they don’t care- you see socialism does not work. This government is eliminating the middle class and putting the lower class against the wealthy class. All you have to do is look at what is happening with 99% against the 1%. The reality is that today is all about give me, give me. Yes we should have the 1% pay there fair taxes, so lets focus on the senate to fix that problem. Obama care that was just the beginning. Wait until after the election you going to see the real Obama. Then it will be to late.
    I don’t hate Obama I just don’t like his politics. It has nothing to do with his race. I used to lived in a socialist country were the leaders turn the people against each other, with the promise of equality. The focus came away from them, and that’s how they were able to change things without the people noticing. You see our kids are being brain washed everyday from our school which is run by the government. History books are being change to reflect what they want us to think.
    The race card only comes out when there is nothing to discuss and you need to win the argument by either side, their is much hate in both sides. I pray that we can find a solution to help our friends, neighbors and brothers, no matter what color their skin. We need to come with solutions to create jobs. I don’t see anyone doing that. Yes may God Bless all including Obama.

  • studmuffin

    you just gotta kick back n laugh! he is the best at making a fool out of himself everytime you turn around! just when you think you’ve seen it all, he steps up and does something like this haha! i love it! I hear them cheers NO MORE YEARS getting louder and louder!!!!

  • GENE

    It just goes to show once again that obama could care less about America. And those sorry excuses of men that are cotowing to this imposter, ought to be fined by the NBA and then released to dig ditches. What a sorry excuse we are seeing unviel daily with the muslim obama .

  • It appears he favors the players in their quest to get more money and sympathy for their greed ridden cause during the lock out. Furthermore It sounds and looks like he just alienated all of the owners who actually have all of the money and the deeper pockets. I would venture to say that was not the smartest move considering you chose lowly millionaires over billionaires. If you are going for fund raising opportunities at least go for the top dogs. Regardless, I can’t say I agree with Obama’s methods, since there are thousands and thousands people who are umeployed as a result of this nonsense with the lockout. Why enable these players? More importantly, why benefit from their greed when I thought you were trying to put bills through the House and the Senate to get people back to work. It looks like a deviate way to help your own greed ridden cause at the expense of those trying to make ends meet! How creative and yet, hypocritical.

  • badabing

    oh dear God, not another basketball gimmick from the basketball golfer in chief..instead of finding ways to solve the problem of JOBS for the American public, he’s more interested in this nonsense.

    i had a great job when I voted for this kenyan clown and now i am doing part-time jobs because i fell for this HOPEYCHANGEY garbage. Oh yes, please flip out the race card as usual..

  • AJP

    wow, what a disgrace. I have lived a long time and NEVER thought we could have such a pathetic president with such an ego and NO clue. Not just a terrible leader but a bad person. Typical the NBA will come to his rescue. Despicable.

  • Morgan

    There’s NOTHING classic about Obama except for winning a Nobel peace prize – a worthless trinket since Al Gore won it.

  • thepreacher

    Racists, fools, and dead people have one thing in common…you can’t change their minds…there is only one reason why that this nation is in trouble…the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ (by the way we as a nation lives)

  • David

    Everybody jumping on obama case it not like he the one that made the mes.he cleaning up after someone else sh-t.No one had nothing to say when bush was getting all this money and blow it.Be real with yourself do you really thing this thing could be clean up with in a matter of a year or two.If you no someone that can do it within that time frame let me know.Dam professional liars,and thiefs.

  • silvers

    obama cool

  • TWB

    If Obama would worry about this country maybe things would change for the better. It appears to me that this year and next will be fun times for his family because it will be the last chance he gets for freebee vacations paid for by the American Tax Payers.

    It is ashame we have trash like him as a president !!!

  • ladyburghley

    As I read thru, everyone is blaming someone else! We are a truly sad country when we don’t take responsibility for our own actions!
    1) This is a fund-raiser – the players support Obama and are making it easy to raise money for Obama. Period.
    2) Bush messed up the country.
    3) Obama promised to fix it and made it worse.

    Now that we have that settled, the question becomes what are we going to do about it?

    Stop the bickering and DO SOMETHING! Leadership is a requirement! I don’t necessarily have those skills, but I do have common sense! I know that I keep my nose clean and don’t hurt you and, the way things are today, that makes the world a little better place than it was yesterday!

  • maurice

    what is classic about this? I suppose should someone get injured, in classic Obama fare, he will blame George Bush. Let’s worry more about rich prima donnas than the country he is trying to destroy. Obama equals failure and this is just another example of this bozo and his b.s.

  • Prince of Darkness

    With all you President Obama hater I would like to remind you after 9/11 President Bush advised the american people to go shopping

  • marrieddiva0504

    First, let me say that I am an educated black woman. Secondly, I am from the South, where racism is still thriving and strong. Is it hidden? Absolutely! I may not be a ‘house nigger’ (which is where I would be because of my light skin), but I can still walk into restaurants today and be looked over in favor of my white counterparts. So we can’t say that racism does not play a part in the hatred of Obama – may not be the only part, but it is there.
    Former President Bush did set the ball rolling for where we are now. Current President Obama has tried to stop the madness, but it hasn’t turned out like he wanted it to. That’s just the truth. And yes, I do believe that Congress has made it difficult to change things, as well. What I believe the problem is, however, isn’t Congress, the President, or any of those things. It is simply greed, a desire to ‘get ours’ and not worry about anyone else, and a need to live far beyond what we really need. Are you clothed? Are you fed? Do you have a roof over your head? We forget to count the blessings that we have in our quest for more, more, more!
    I believe if we would come together – UNITE – as I hear so many of you talking about, we could help each other continue to have what we NEED, not what we want. The American Dream was never about being rich; it was about being able to provide for our families and love each other as Americans and citizens of this great big world. There is no President or Congress that can stop us from loving our neighbor as ourselves, or making sure that our families are cared for. Once we stop placing our faith in men, who are human and prone to make mistakes, and trust in our Creator, who never makes mistakes, we would probably not have as much anger and hatred in our hearts. And for those of who that do not believe in God, that’s cool – not mad at you – just don’t blast me for believing in HIM!

  • Barb

    Is hard to understand the hatred and venom spewed in some of these comments. Our species has regressed into something lower than a rattle snake. What is wrong with having a lighter side of the news in this country. We need to pray for the poor souls who fuel so much hatred.

  • As a nation { that’s the majority }we said too little and did even less as this country made it’s slide downward. Only when we were faced with a true disaster did we turn to a new voice and elect, of all things, a black man to President. The biggest issue since then is again, the American people who are too spoiled and self centered to investigate our real economic mess and gain the understanding that a President anything short of Jesus could not fix our country as fast as America wants it. We have had a long time to get used to ” Instant Gratification”. We rode the economic bubble that was dangled in front of us by big business and the so creative bankers. Obama saved the banks when they burst their own bubble. Did he have a choice other than a collapse into depression ?? He saved the auto industry with loans and kept tens of thousands from adding to unemployment. He just hasn’t pulled out his majic wand and fixed enough, fast enough to feed our never ending “demand” for the instant gratification that we feel is our right. I think he was truely insane to run for office. And are you really looking at his coming Republican rivals. Save us ! Obama isn’t perfect,and ??? Maybe some support might make him look and be better.

  • Gary B

    All the more reason to vote Ron Paul 2012. He wouldn’t fiddle while “Rome” burns.

  • Edward

    For all the haters..a time will come when u will be judged by a higher power. One not of this world. I hope you are prepared to present your excuse. Good luck and God Bless you all. Obama is doing the best he can, and change is happening. The sad part is alot of people don’t want change because their content with the tax breaks, incentives, perks, free vacations, and inside trading. Well matter how you slice it…you can’t take it with you after your deceased. Obama has my vote.

  • schema

    Remarkably, the sum total of the intellectual meat of this group still hovers below normal. It’s so refreshing that a motley group, known for bouncing balls and skipping classes, can muster their intellectual might in support of an affirmative action mistake whose major bridge to this group is his skin color. Go team. Go figure.

  • T van Buren

    It is one thing that these NBA players are going to be raising funds for Obama’s re-election campaign but it is quite another that some of the money raised will go to the Democrat Party. I am disappointed that some of the players listed aren’t members of the Grand Old Party.

  • mark

    Way to go President Obama! I will definitely watch and donate for the cause.

  • Fred

    The unemployment rate can be blamed on use technology which replaced numberous of people needed to do same jobs cutting the cost of operating.

  • Chillster817

    All of you President Obama haters, need to get the facts right. The condition of the country is all because of George W. Bush, Prez. Obama’s laws don’t go into affected until 2012-2014, Bush’s laws are right now. Go NBA players do your thing.

  • Hillbill

    I’m proud to see North Carolina well represented in this players group (4 played at UNC, 1 at Wake Forest).

    And to join the fray, everybody seems to ignore that the real reason for our economic problems is that President Bush (or was that Presidnet Cheney?) started 2 foolish wars of choice in our name, and DID NOT ARRANGE TO PAY FOR THEM!! We are paying now.

    Four more years, hopeful with a new Congress without the obstructionists!!

  • tomkat

    this basketball game is not about racism, it is about obama taking advantage of the NBA players on strike.

    at this point in the economy it really doesn’t matter WHO started anything or even HOW our economy got to this point. we need SOMEONE, ANYONE to fix the economy. the NBA players being on strike will not help matters either. look at the vendors and small businessmen that are now either out of work or struggling to keep their small businesses afloat while the NBA players and owners sit around and talk about 1%.

    who gives a crap about a bunch of prima donna basketball players? i don’t, you can keep basketball and their overpriced egos…the NBA will pay for doing this to the fans.

    if you can afford to buy a ticket to obama’s basketball game, good for you. if you have other things you could spend that money on, even better. send a message to obama and congress…the typical american CANNOT AFFORD the price of these tickets to see these boys play a game.

  • Concerned Citizen

    This President is a very intelligent socialist and the NBA players have bought in to his “system”. I wonder who advised these players to do this fun raiser? This is not very smart for the players and they are already viewed as the “bad guys” in this lockout. It would be a lot smarter for these guys to stay neutral in politics but then again, I am not a Harvard graduate! This may come back to bite them in the pocket book and maybe they will be sorry for this. I for one, will not watch this event and I am sure that I am not alone.