Chaz Bono sex change

My boy err girl, Chaz Bono, is hard set on getting a penis. Of course he turns to my ancestors in Serbia to have it attached. Who can blame him err her for wanting the world’s highest quality meat.

Chaz was on the Howard Stern Show yesterday when he/she explained how he’ll/she’ll go about acquiring the male appendage:

“What I will probably do is I will probably go to Belgrade, actually. There’s a doctor in Belgrade that just does this procedure the best of anywhere I’ve seen it. They take your clitoris and basically, kind of, use certain ligaments and stuff–make it a little bit bigger, release it, wire it so you can take a graft from your cheek…and they lengthen your urethra through it so you can urinate, and they put in testicular implants. You know, it’ll be small, but you’re going to be able to urinate through it…You’ll be able to pee standing up….For me, the ultimate would be able to penetrate and have feeling.”

What can I say, Chaz? You’re in good hands. Sorry to hear you’re opting for a small one. It can’t be easy finding one of that size around there.

h/t: evalicious