It will take you longer to read these words than it would have taken you to watch the “exclusive interview” which CBS promoted all day with Mike McQueary.  CBS really should apologize for marketing this interview as one which could rival last night’s with Bob Costas and Jerry Sandusky on NBC.  The entire interview lasted a whopping 24 seconds which consisted of nothing of substance.  The following tweet by Armen Keteyian, who interviewed McQueary is just one example of the ridiculousness.

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Here is the breathtaking transcript:

Today he spoke to us for the first time since the scandal broke.

“When do you think you’ll be ready to talk,” Keteyian asked.

“The whole process has to play out,” McQueary replied. “I just don’t have anything else to say.”

“Describe your emotions right now.”

“All over the place, just kind of shaken.”


“Crazy,” McQueary replied.

“You said like what, Mike?”

“Like a snow globe.”

“Like a snow globe,” Keteyian asked.

“Yes sir.”

via Business Insider

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  • Tom

    The media sensationalism on this issue has been shameful. I think they are unknowingly contributing to a cover-up. Clearly the Grand Jury report is very selective in what they “presented” in their report and we all need to know why, but there is much to learn about The Govenor’s office and what he knew as the former Pennsylvanis AG (Begin 2005), what caused the Centre County DA to fail to act when he had testimony from both the Penn State police and the Sate College police in 1998 of the 1998 incident involving Sandusky, and lastly the connection with the Second Mile charity started by Sandusky and filled with donors to the Govenor’s recent election. The absence of any substantive comments about Second Milein the Grand Jury report is unbelievable. Sandusky had been gone from the coaching staff since 1999 and had been entirely devoted to Second Mile.. Maybe it is better understood when one understands that Second Mile is filled with the Govenor’s political contributors and Penn State was his arch enemy after the budget battle this Spring between him and the now fired University President Spanier. There is a Pulitzer prize out there for some young journalist who wants to plumb those depths..

  • karenk

    Let me get this straight…Joe Pa didn’t abuse anyone, Joe Pa gave second hand information to those above him on the totem pole, as was required by PA policy and yet Joe Pa has been publicly humiliated, fired, and had his name dragged through the mud by the media. If the emphasis was on Sandusky and his abuses right from the start and McQueary had gone to the police, the media could have rightly had their feeding frenzy on the responsible person/persons. Joe Pa doesn’t deserve this. Every reporter who jumped at the opportunity to destroy this man, should be ashamed. Put the blame where it belongs-on Sandusky for the abuse and the media for destroying an honorable man, and Penn State officials and the board of trustees for going along for the ride.