Whenever the Bears and Lions face off you can expect a hard hitting emotional NFC North game.  Sunday was no exception and both teams ended up having a skirmish on the field during the fourth quarter.  Following an interception by the Bears, D.J. Moore was blocking Matthew Stafford and Stafford grabbed Moore’s helmet and seemingly tried to rip it off.  Moore was none too pleased and charged after Stafford and a melee ensued.  The Bears were winning 37-6 at the time of the incident and Chicago Bears defensive back D.J. Moore was ejected from the game.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpUDN0G51rc[/youtube]

  • It seems Chicago bears were playing with two quarter backs. One, the regular and the other,
    Guy named stafford.

    • BB

      Stafford is my hero a quarter back with balls

      • a quarter back with balls are you kidding me?? he grabs a guy down by his face mask while his back is turned and thats your hero? if that was a street fight thats the equivalent of a girl pulling another girls hair, and if that didn’t happen on detroit’s side line and they let them go one on one dj would have whooped staffords ass!

        • Stafford needed to be rocked for that one! I was hoping Chicago’s defensive line would have gave hime what he deserved. Did everyone see how he just walked away like a “sissy” once the brawl broke out. Really? If you wanna play with the big boys and act all big and bad, then stand up and be a man!

          • Ranger Dan

            After looking at both hits. Briggs on Johnson and Stafford on Moore. Staffords “hit” looked more like a wrestling move. Briggs hit was intentionally high and he went after Johnson’s head. Stafford just wanted Moore out of his way, Briggs was trying to hurt Johnson. If I had to describe any of the four as dirty, it would definitely be Briggs. Cards fan here, couldn’t care less who won the game.

          • Ranger Dan

            Brilliant manly thinking. That’s why Stafford is a millionaire, and thugs are in jail.

        • Ranger Dan

          This is the stupidest blog, full of the stupidest people on the internet. Blah, blah, blah, bitch, kick his ass, blah, blah, blah.

  • Bears are back to the “Monsters of the Midway ” state of mind . love it . today his how the Bears have played for 20 Years. a so so Offense and a Defense that scares the hell out of opposing QB’s and WR

    Bear Down !!

  • Cecil

    Detroit Qb should be fined for grabbing the helmut of DJ Moore, expecially after his proud reply about liking what he did.

    • Ted

      Learn how to spell before you comment!!

  • KC

    So, what was Stafford’s punishment?

  • Monster3166

    Stafford is a little bitch!

    • PA2AK

      No other way to put it. Total bitch move.

      • franke

        It wasnt bye the face mask it was bye the back of his head .

        • Butkus

          If you look at the video closely, he grabbed the facemask first to try to pull him down and then grabbed the back of the helmet to try to slam him to the ground on his head. Stafford will forever be a little BIOTCH!! I hope Da Bears meet them in the playoffs!

  • J ROMO

    Now I know what I dislike about the Bears….its the so called fans. The same fans that leave the stadium and give up on their team when there is a possiblity of a come from behind victory, the same fans that if your team wins there on their way to the big dance and if they loose your ready to call in the linch mob. Your guys are bi-polar. PUKE

  • itsallgoodnow7

    Moore got punked by a QB and tried to show he is a man. What a little bitch!

  • crosshairs

    Where are the tigers in all this?

  • crosshairs

    Hopefully you all got my last post….

    • ABraCaDabra

      Yeah, just neither funny nor creative

  • Odindapuff

    If this had been any other player other then a pansy arsed quarterback doing something this cheap, there would be riots in the street and calls for his suspension for the remainder of the season. But since it is the qb, I’m sure he’ll get a small fine.

    • Blaides

      please, riots my arse. give me a break. moore tried to block him, Stafford threw him down, moore rushed him while he was sitting on the turf. big effing deal! THIS IS FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER!

  • chad

    stfu GO BEARS

  • we have the best fans your just fobick come on out

  • Craig Brown

    The Lions are classless in wining and losing. This is coaching, pure and simple. I played pro-ball and a team only behaves like this when it is condonned and practised. I guess the Lions going without a single win in 2008 was not humbling enough. Now they have a reputation to go with that.

    • paperboy

      I have no idea what point you were trying to make, but the words you used aren’t congruent to your message…must be a Bears fan…but assuredly you admitting be a “pro-ball” player at one time…thanks for once again confirming that our athletic directors across the country in our esteemed university have a value in player academia as well….NOT!

  • B

    Stupid Bears. Suh coulda killed you ALL

    • da man

      suh is a momma’s boy peppers is twice the football player he will ever be all around!

      • peppers(|)

        haha thats funny. form what i remember suh won rookie of the year and had the second most sacks last year and was second by .5. pepper is nothing

        • peppers(|)

          sorry by 5.5. he had 10 sacks. peppers had 8. suhs a rookie and did better and got fined for being to rough. i think they gave peppers money for playing soft and not hurting anybody.

  • Big D

    Commish, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular. But he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right”. Martin Luther
    What Stafford did was wreckless endangerment, and must be punished to the fullest extent. Heed the words of Martin Luther and suspend Stafford for the remainder of the season.

  • Gibby

    Stafford should be fined and suspended for his actions. I agree with Bid D the Commish has to step up to the plate. He cannot let the nuts run the asylum.

  • nick

    i feel bad for #9 on the lions and he was happy when he was ejected-last year in lacrosse someone threw a shoe at me D:

  • detroit is classless. the coach gets a slap on the back in sanfran and cant take it like a man. The defensive line cant do there job with Atlanta, so they run there mouths when ryan gets injured, to act like they caused it. Then the pansy?ss quarterback, who cant even complete a full season, let alone a playoff game without getting hurt, tries a cheap shot because his team isnt good enough to win. They’ve won, what, 8 games in three years. They need to shut the f up and crawl back to brokeville. i mean d town.

  • seems to me that the lions are pussys when they are losing all they can do is fight and act like babies suh should be fined by the way he acts he is the biggest pussy ever some day he will kill someone so cool it detroit quict acting nasty and try to be a football player if your team loses take it with a grain of salt. the Bears have lost many games and they never started any fights like the lions did. Go Bears you played a good game and the fans are proud of you keep up the good work.

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