It’s Saturday and I’m watching “College Game Day,” which brings to mind the same question I have every week:  Why is Lou Holtz on TV?  How did he succed as a coach?  How does anyone take him seriously?  Why is he on ESPN?  I don’t understand. Every time I hear him talk I think it’s a joke.  But it’s not.  The man can’t speak, yet somehow he’s a professional sports commentator on television.  And before that for a long time he was the coach of Notre Dame.  How did his players not just laugh at him all the time?  It makes no sense.


If Lou Holtz can be a television football commentator I should be able to review TV commercials for a living.  It’s only fair.

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  • James

    Um, hello captain obvious…. Every college football fan has already asked this hypothetical question. But, great journalism nonetheless.

    • rob

      Holtz is there for one reason, entertainment value.

  • rick

    Are you for real! Lou Holtz won a National Championship, his coaching and inspirational
    leadership produced many great college football players…some great players that went on
    to the NFL. Not to mention what he did for the Gamecocks program, he put SC back on the map, and passed on a pretty decent program on to spurrrier.
    Do you have any idea how much people, colleges, and corporations pay him to speak.
    You say if Lou is a sports commentator you should be able to review tv commercials for a living! I think you have potential to be a comedian though!!! Sounds as if you may have a average job, and live payday to pay, and have an occasional spare 20 every month or so for a nice 12 pack of generic beer.
    -Gealous of Lou Holtz!!!!! Cutting Lou down!! Get a life Bubba, or Daryl!

    • Yeah, I’m “gealous.” My point is that I’m amazed he has gotten to where he is given the fact that every time he speaks you just want to laugh at him.