Cal Clutterbuck and Maxim Lapierre got into a tussle during the third period of the Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild game on Thursday night and neither of the two players got the worst of the wounds.  During the scuffle,  Clutterbuck’s errant punches nailed linesman Darren Gibbs in the face, not once, but twice.  Check out the video of the two punches.   Both players received misconducts for their role in the fight and the Wild went on to beat the Canucks 5-1.  We aren’t sure of the long-term repercussions for Clutterbuck as it seems the strikes were clearly unintentional, but it is not good whatever way you look at it.  Wild coach Mike Yeo said Clutterbuck was “just trying to protect himself” and didn’t express concern about discipline from the NHL.

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video via @CJZero

  • Dave

    Too bad Don Koharski isn’t still officiating NHL games. I would love to see him take a couple of punches to his fat face. Also, LaPierre is still a b*tch.

  • Afrothinker

    Here it is. One of the most flagrant examples of double standard. When Ice Hockey players fight, it is made part of the rules. When NBA players fight, they are called thugs and all kind of unpleasant names. But for Ice Hockey, it is ” part of the game.” and kids watch it with their parents and cheer.
    We have white militia that have vowed to take the US government down and that armed to the teeth and training everyday for a possible confrontation with the US government and that have committed terrorist acts in the US too. But oh no!!!! don’t even mention Al Qaida!!! Why is one bad and the other allowed ” under the law”?
    I am not going to talk about the US being one the number one sponsor of drug cartel with its addiction to drugs. If I were a mexican, I will be pissed off. Because Americans addiction to drugs is sponsor terrorist cartel. Just like Iran is sponsoring Hezbollah.
    You will only begin to solve your problems when you seriously start to look at yourself in the mirror.

    • Jake

      This is because long before basketball was played, hockey players were fighting on ice… its been a tradition forever.
      Stop preaching about how the black man is held down and the white man is so privlidged……. it isnt true.

    • glh

      Maybe you should take a look in the mirror yourself and wonder how American you really are. What you are is full of crap. How you get from a hockey fight to Hezbollah is pure nonsense.

    • USA

      after reading afrothinker’s post i feel bad for him. grow up. and stop being such a whinney liberal.

      • YAR

        I feel bad for you USA. As I don’t agree with AFRO, what makes him a liberal? Your types are what keep everyone down as you flag waivers have a name for everyone. Why don’t you grow up? I am an American, not a liberal or a conservative…..By the way, I love hockey, fights and all!

    • Will Iam

      I agree with most of your comments. Particularly about viewing oneself in a mirror.

    • Don Quixote

      Afrothinker should stop thinking about his/her afro so much. I guess when you devote so much time to think about your afro (or others’ afros) you don’t have enough time to form coherent thoughts/sentences.

      Tree stars.

  • Steve

    Dude, you are seriously searching for signs of your pet cause in everything you see online. Hockey players fighting has NOTHING at all to do with the Mexican/US drug trade, Hezbollah, or “Americans” even. Neither of these guys are Americans, they are both Canadian. And you are a dick. I bet people avoid you at parties.

    • Joey

      He doesn’t get invited to parties.

  • George

    I love hockey fights, nothing like watching white trash beating the hell out of each other.

    Meth and big pharma will destroy the white race, mark my words. It is already happening, white trash with missing teeth aka, the walking dead! ROFLMAO

    • Don Quixote

      Yes, because white trash are the only types of people that play hockey and fight. You must have a very narrow view of the world. Good luck.

  • Canuck

    Who calls it ICE Hockey? Hey go back to your court basketball, Aforthinker this story isn’t for you!!!

  • dewpt39

    Racists are in all colors but some are more outspoken than others. Watch the news for a reality check. Teach em young and teach em hard.


  • mike

    I once went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!

  • RantinRufus

    George & Afrothinker, your “branch manager” would like you to report back yo your tree. You racist pig