Cal Clutterbuck and Maxim Lapierre got into a tussle during the third period of the Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild game on Thursday night and neither of the two players got the worst of the wounds.  During the scuffle,  Clutterbuck’s errant punches nailed linesman Darren Gibbs in the face, not once, but twice.  Check out the video of the two punches.   Both players received misconducts for their role in the fight and the Wild went on to beat the Canucks 5-1.  We aren’t sure of the long-term repercussions for Clutterbuck as it seems the strikes were clearly unintentional, but it is not good whatever way you look at it.  Wild coach Mike Yeo said Clutterbuck was “just trying to protect himself” and didn’t express concern about discipline from the NHL.

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video via @CJZero