On Monday night Henrik Eriksson of Mora IK pulled a pretty hilarious move by hugging  the opposing team’s player following scoring a goal.  Leksand’s Alen Bibic responded with how one would expect him to, he punched Eriksson.  You have to give it to him for originality, but I doubt he expected anything else to happen following the “sucker hug.”

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukj5j5HFFgY[/youtube]

via Puck Daddy

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  • Mbednarz

    Too funny. The punch didn’t even wipe the joy of the goal or smile off his face for more than a split second, LOL.

  • rjohnson2842

    hilarious!!! i laughed before, during and after the vid

  • blackdragon84

    i think he hugged him to throw salt on the wounds. sort of like a “ha i made a goal on you thank you for letting me score on you today” either that or he could of just been so happy he made the goal that he wanted to hug the first person in sight and the opponent happened to be it.

  • Marlo

    Who care about 2nd team hockey from Sweden!?!?!

    • Marlo’s Mother

      I do. Where do you think I met your father?

  • jamal

    I hate how hockey players are not held to the same standards as other athletes. If a basketball player, football player, baseball player gets into a fight they are suspended and the media swirls around with shock. A hockey player punches a guy and its all fun and games. He should be suspended and fined!

    • chad

      quit being a girl about it. its how hockey is if you cant handle it then dont bother watching it…maybe you should take up knitting or something

      • don’t mistake knitting for being a sissy my grandson does both, so little do you know about the association of either of them knitting / hockey

    • fellenz

      i agree with the guy fuck look at football the sport is about hitting people

    • Beau

      STFU you pussy!

  • Chris

    Jamal, you don’t really watch hockey, do you?

    Besides, they both would have penalties if he decided to fight back.

  • Mike

    Chris….. Jamal has a valid point. What does watching hockey have to do with the fact the Hockey players are always fighting. Its like “fighting” is part of the game. Jamal stated “If a basketball player, football player, baseball player gets into a fight they are suspended and the media swirls around with shock.” But I have never heard any sports announcer or any media say that fighting in a hockey game was unacceptable.

    • Eugene

      Mike, it is not “LIKE fighting is a part of the game” – it IS a part of the game. There are rules regulating the fighting in hockey, so it is a part of the game.

    • Beau

      Fighting IS part of the game dumbass.

  • JayZ

    Mike…that’s because fighting in hockey is acceptable you idiot! It’s been part of the game for 100 years! Stick to other sports if you don’t like it….peaceeee

  • Dustin

    You guys are kinda dumb. Fighting IS a part of the game when it comes to hockey. I for one LOVE that. That sport is ignoring the “pussification” of the U.S.

  • Rick

    Mike, fighting IS a part of hockey, and always has been. You cannot compare hockey to other sports. Hockey is a violent contact sports where the players are moving at high speeds and carrying sharp-edged clubs in their hands and razor-sharp, curved knives on their feet. If you really want to see someone get hurt in hockey, eliminate fighting and see how much dirty stick play you and slashing foot attacks will see.

  • La Pistola

    That would be because hockey DOES allow fighting (it’s part of the sport, the rules, & the “ceremony” of fighting in hockey is actually conducted in a “gentleman’s” fashion). Your point is null…

  • Jamal/Mike – Yes fighting is part of hockey, it always has been. So much so that it actually has rules to go along with it. In football/basketball/baseball, fighting has always been frowned upon, even though brawls do break out several times a season in baseball…less so in basketball, but we’re seeing it a lot in football now. One reason you think the way you do is the Roger Goodell has fines for everything nowadays…..but hockey has never given up fighting, it’s literally part of the game. Look up “enforcer”…..it’s basically a term for the player who can beat the shit out of the rest, and defend the best players on your team (Gretzky, Crosby) when they get in fights so they don’t have to fight. If Gretzky didn’t have Semenko backing him up, he never would’ve been such a good player, because other players would have just beat him up

  • Eric

    I like how hockey fans are proud of the fact that they advocate meaningless violence.

    • Eugene

      Nothing is meaningless in hockey. If you are not a hockey fan, just fade away… or get the f-ck out of here.

  • Chris

    I could be wrong here, but I believe Mike’s response was tounge in cheek. If so, well done Mike.

  • Greg

    To all that degrade fighting in hockey are mostly those of you that have never played the sport and or don’t know a thing about it, I myself love the speed and grace of the sport I played through my youth and a good part of my adulthood I was a scorer and didnt fight much but I always respected most of what fighting means to the game yes there are fights that are meaningless but most of them server there purpose. Bottom line fights are part of hockey just one of the many reasons its the best sport ever.

  • Xalvion

    Here’s what I find bothersome. Everyone who calls for the elimination of fighting in hockey is automatically pegged as a pacifist (like that’s a bad thing) or a non-sports fan. Certailnly, at the very least, they’re not hockey fans, right? Well, I’ve played and watched hockey all my life, and I would love to see fighting removed from the game.

    All you Don Cherry disciples can make all the “it’s always been that way” pleas you like, and it means nothing. What the hell kind of argument is that, anyway? The bottom line is, during international tournaments (the Olympics, for example), there’s generally no fighting, and it’s the best hockey you’ll ever see. During the playoffs, there are seldom fights and, again, it’s excellent hockey.

    Instead of telling people like me to go watch something else, why don’t YOU go watch UFC? Hockey doesn’t need thugs to be entertaining.

  • Chris

    Loved how he took the punch in stride.

  • Udo

    Fighting not meaningless in hockey. The fights have purpose- to keep open flow of game for top offensive players. I played football in college (defensive back) and also played hockey in high school. I must be honest. All the time in college football I would try and spear tackle offensive players, and hurt them. I bit, punched, and spit on players players in dogpiles. Football too is very rough- as rough as hockey. Hockey is just honestly violent. Football is sneaky violent. You know it’s funny. I never have fight in hockey all the years I play hockey.