It seems that these types of incidents are becoming more and more prevalent in the soccer world.  During a soccer match between Romanian teams Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiesti on Sunday a fan was able to sneak on the pitch and attack a player.   Steaua Bucharest took a 2-0 lead and a fan of the home team (Petrolul Ploiesti)  ran onto the pitch and was able to get behind Steaua Bucharest defender George Galamaz and sucker punch him in the head.  Galamaz’s teammates were able to stop the attacker before any more damage occured, and actually got in some good blows themselves on the intruder.

The fan was arrested, but it still doesn’t make anyone feel better about how this continues to happen in European soccer matches.

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via The Telegraph

  • R. Kennedy

    Are you kidding me? Are soccer players trained to act like this? What was he expecting: for the “fan” to get a red card? His reaction is almost worthy of an Oscar. Man up, chase the bum down and beat him senseless, DON’t FLOP!

    • :)

      second that!

    • Joe Justice

      Let me blindside you with a punch in the ear. You would cry like a baby

    • Joe Justice

      Let me blindside you with a punch in the ear. You would cry like a baby.

    • Really

      I love playing soccer but HATE professional soccer because ever since they began to market to women by creating these over paid so called “pretty boys” the game when down hill fast. How are you going to let a fan come up to you and hit you like a sissy and you go down on your knees and cry like a baby? If he would have hit him hard in that area of the head, he would have been knocked OUT. This is why women’s soccer is a lot more exciting to watch than these sissy boys.

  • James Bennett

    It was nice to see his teammates retaliate. Too bad security got onto the field. He should have been battered a lot, lot more.

  • Steve

    That guy looked like a little girl falling to his knees after that punch. Which by the way the punch was more pussy like then the game of soccer. Man up instead of trotting around on your tippy toes……

  • whoop tht trick, whoop that trick.

  • 24fan

    It’s amazing how tough Ms. Kennedy is from her experience of playing soccer and getting hit.

  • Aaron C.

    I love all the internet badasses that want to call a guy who gets sucker punched a pussy. I would like Joe Justice to sucker punch you all in the ear and see how you man up. I would venture to guess that you would start crying before he even made contact. Perhaps the reason he grabs his ear and falls to his knees like a “pussy” is because his ear drum ruptured or the bones in the inner ear, called ossicles, were broken from the force of the punch.

  • Alex A

    This guy fucking broke his jaw, so he didn’t “flop” or anything. How about i come break your jaw and see if you don’t do anything about it