Eric LeGrand’s football career ended last October when he tackled Malcolm Brown on a kick return at New Jersey’s Meadowlands Stadium.

“I fell to the ground and my body just went, ‘ding,'” he said. “That’s all I hear, like my bell was ringing and I — my body was stuck … I try to get up but I couldn’t.”

Since becoming paralyzed, LaGrand has made incredible leaps and bounds in the recovery process.  LeGrand now stands for up to 40 minutes at a time and when he sits it is mainly because he is in front of the computer where he is working to get his online college degree.  He even now has a  job as a color commentator for Rutgers football games on the radio.

Saturday, however, may have been the biggest leap forward for the former football player.  LeGrand led the Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights onto the field in his wheelchair for their game against No. 25 West Virginia, while the crowd chanted “52, 52.”   Words can’t express how great of a sight this was to behold.

According to the Washington Post:

LeGrand, who was handed an axe to show Rutgers’ desire to “keep chopping,” directed his motorized wheelchair while coach Greg Schiano walked next to him and teammates followed at a walk. LeGrand led the team to the 50-yard line, turned right and went to the sideline before quickly leaving the field.

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