Normally, the only thing you can get Manchester United fans and Manchester City fans to agree on is that they don’t like each other.  But ahead of City’s 6-1 thrashing of United this weekend the two sides finally found common ground: they both hate Carlos Tevez.

The United fans hate Tevez for going to City and the City fans hate him for refusing to come off the bench in a match vs. Bayern Munich.  In a beautiful moment for the triumph of the human spirit both sides came together to “Trash Tevez”:

Fans were able to toss out their old Tevez jerseys in exchange for new team shirts with the old jerseys headed to Tevez’ native country of Argentina where perhaps there is still some love left.



Via DailyMail

  • Daniel

    Of course, this is nothing new coming from ignorance and hatred racist pigs from Englishmen.

  • Twigg

    And there’s certainly nothing racist about referring to the English as “ignorant” and “pigs”. Nice work there, Daniel.

  • Who is your two best football players of Manchester United ? My two favourite players is Nani & Rooney