I had posted this for our friends at Sportigin, but figured why not toss it over here.  Every morning I have a routine which is fairly simple; grab a cup of coffee that I had set to brew at 5:30am pst, sit on my couch and toss on SportsCenter as I fire up the laptop to see what I missed in the world of sports the evening before.  A typical question I get is from buddies is “What sports blogs are you routinely reading in the morning and why?”  Well here they are in no particular order:

The Big Lead – The Big Lead consistently has the most consistent content of anyone out there.  Unlike SB Nation, Yardbarker or Bleacher Report it isn’t an aggregate of numerous blogs and voices.  This allows TBL to maintain the same humorous, sarcastic, and intelligent voice throughout its content.  The morning round-up is hands down the best review of sports and misc news from the prior evening you will find.

 Yardbarker – This site is via FOX SPORTS and you will not miss a beat with this site.  The navigation is simple, and that is great.  You have one main page that you need to pay attention to and one simple right hand column which will give you the “trending topics.”  The one knock I could throw Yardbarker’s way is that they are a bit slow on the draw to update new content, but I assure the best will be there eventually.

 SB Nation – This popular destination is a great for a few reasons.  They have over 300 blogs that are aggregated in one place and I kid you not they cover every aspect of sports that exists.  The navigation is the only thing that may be overwhelming but you can usually find anything you need on the left hand column which is their moneymaker.

Deadspin – Regardless of their controversial nature there isn’t a better place to go for a good mix of honesty, humor, and what people will be talking about.  I am still not a fan of their re-design which happened in early 2011; the navigation is much more difficult, the right hand column is rough to scroll on and there are way too many ads where they shouldn’t be.  The staff at Deadspin are all quite friendly and pretty damn good writers.