During the Inter vs. Lille Champions League match on Tuesday, Aurelien Chedjou added another awful chapter to soccer’s flopping history.  As evidenced by the below video,  Giampaolo Pazzini and Aurelien got tangled up briefly near the sidelines.  Pazzini made a very light contact with Chedjou’s face and the Lille defender went into diving mode and even accompanied it with extremely loud screams.  Truly embarrassing.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIpFKXUXFrs[/youtube]

via Deadspin

  • Bryan

    This is why Americans will never take soccer seriously. A guy gets lightly touched (or maybe not even touched) and he drops to the ground writhing and screaming in pain. Meanwhile in American football, Tony Romo is taking full contact tackles with a broken rib and punctured lung, it’s not uncommon to see linemen on the field wearing splints and casts to protect their broken hands, the very hands they use to push and shove 300+ pound men who are pushing and shoving them as well. Rugby? Don’t even get me started on rugby. Those guys are nuts.

    Soccer is a sorry excuse for a sport. How can the world take it so seriously when a “winning” strategy is to fake injury and lie about what happened? No…I take that back. The problem isn’t the port, it’s the players. Soccer players are sorry excuses for athletes.

    • Wang

      That’s not what your mother said we we were done.

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    • Z

      Really, none of this happens in football??

      Hasn’t there been fake injuries used to slow down a fast paced offensive? College and NFL. A few weeks back the Rams were driving, at pace, and two of the opposing players just went down right before they were about to snap the ball. When one saw the other down he just got up. They were both either faking it or they have no endurance and were tired so they thought they would lay down and take a rest.

      Soccer players play with injuries all the time, many of the players take fouls and try to stay on their feet to continue the play.

      I’ve noticed American media (I’m American) focuses on this type of crap, when was the last time anyone wrote an article about a player who doesn’t flop? There are way more that do not, than do, in the world of soccer. Lionel Messi is a great example at the highest level.

      No matter what sport, faking an injury to gain an advantage is unacceptable.

      Oh and if you don’t like the sport why take time to read an article and make comments about it. That makes no sense to me.

      • Ab

        Flopping in basketball and football has gotten worse after those sports were already popular. And flopping in Soccer is much worse. I’m a soccer fan, I can admit that. There’s no need to be so defensive about it. You don’t see guys flop as bad as that in football. Basketball is bad but still not on a soccer level.

        And that stuff about American media is crap. All over the world soccer media is up in arms about stuff like this. No one likes it. It’s not good for the game.

      • Tom

        Yes, we all agree this guy is a total sissy, along with 40% of other soccer players, 20% of NFL players, and 90% of whining basketball players (the worst of all in my opinion). But I just wanted to point out one thing that no one else mentioned. The only of the 4 major American sports with a 0.01% of sissy-ism…HOCKEY! They have a penalty for “embelishing”, on top of fines. The only reason I say 0.01% instead of 0%…”Cindy” (Sydney) Crosby. What a wuss…

        • CCAP

          nobody cares about hockey douche. Basketball players? ou sound stupid.

      • Matthew

        well said

    • jack

      @bryan, do americans take basketball seriously? because flopping is BIG in that sport (look at guys like kobe, reggie miller & paul pierce)

    • Chris

      You’re an idiot! I love both American Football and Soccer, but let’s be realistic; Soccer players are in MUCH better shape than ‘roided-up football players. Soccer players run the better part of 30 minutes at a time non-stop. Football players play for about 3 to 5 seconds at a time, and then get a 30 second break in between. The average mid-fielder in soccer runs more than 7 miles per game. I’d like to see any football player do that! I agree that the acting” is ridiculus, but don’t be naive; it happens PLENTY in football too!

      • Dan

        Soccer players have good cardio, thats it. Football players have good cardio, excellent strength, excellent memory and excellent mental toughness. Mental toughness being the main thing that Soccer pussies do not have.

        Soccer players are the kids that are too bitch to try out for football. Case Closed

        • Matthew

          mental toughness? do you even know the meaning of mental toughness, or you just another american football fan just talking shit because you can? To begin my argument, this conversation should be pertaining to football(soccer as some people call it) fans that have different opinions on how it is demolishing the game. How did this become a comparison between american football and soccer? It is not! and to continue my argument, soccer players also have to have a lot of mental toughness for your information, because soccer is a very tactical game and you have to keep thinking a step ahead while running, and seeing that this is now a comparison, american football there mental toughness comes from getting hit and getting back up? really? dude it happens in soccer as well, so think before you speak.

        • EQ

          Wow u must be one of those ignorant American Sports fans that never even watched a whole soccer game. First of all, what skills are required in Running with a freaking ball in ur arms and not trying to get hit? Are u serious? Try running and keeping a ball in control with ur feet! Than try kicking the ball with just enough power or curve to reach ur teamate for a header or fastbreak. I started watching Soccer last yr because I’m stationed in Spain and enjoyed a LOT of games, but I stopped watching it a few months ago because I too was tired of the flopping. Especially with my favorite team Barcelona (Sergio Busquet) and their rivals Real Madrid (Di Maria). I was told English football is different but I’ll just have to wait and see. I say F*** all players who flop and waste time. And to all those ignorant fellow americans. try teaching ur kid football and soccer and see which one he will excel at first. Football takes no skills but only agility and some accuracy. NBA also flops. I think I’ll just stick to watching Jersey Shore because they are more real than todays Sports! hahahaha

    • Matthew

      wow wow, that’s a whole bunch of crap, you sound really ignorant right now on your whole insight of soccer being “a sorry excuse for a sport”. put you on a soccer field you won’t know what to do, so if you have nothing good to say, spit. Some people do that not everyone does that, and the correct term for this sport you call “soccer” is Football. this game was invented before american football if you all will get your facts right, and this sport is way more manly than most sports, simple fact they got to run for 90 minutes constantly, while all you guys to is run in increments of 12 per quarter and a lot of breaks in between that. So i think if you know nothing about this game, you need to keep your dumb ass comments to your self, and how you know tony romo having a broken ribs and puncture lungs is even accurate? tony romo nor anybody on a “american football team” would never be able to play “football”.

    • tom

      Have you ever even played American football. The is far more “show” in it than soccer
      Trust me

    • Americans don’t like soccer because they aren’t good at it and generally aren’t patient enough to enjoy it, simple as that. Flopping won’t stop people from liking a sport is just extremely irritating to fans and players alike, regardless of the sport. Football is also full of flopping. Look at PA calls and holding calls. Players are feeling minimal contact and falling. Calling it “drawing the penalty” doesn’t make anything less that what is is; flopping.. Football is different as well you can play 90 minutes with a punctured lung and some of the positions you have mentioned a relatively stationary and the sport is full of breaks where players can rest a receive treatment . Basketball is full of flopping and fake fouls, it takes no contact to draw a foul from a defender. So whatcha talking about Willis?

  • Tod

    these soccer players should take acting classes to make it look more convincing if they’re gonna keep at it

  • Setsuna

    Bryan, I like soccer, but I love your comments! I agree completely. FIFA should heavily fine floppers in the same way the NFL recently warned teams and players about faking injuries. Hit players in the pocketbook and see they fall in line really quickly.

  • Brian

    I am a huge fan of American Football, and while I do think flopping in soccer is a joke I also think the sport of soccer does have great athletes. I hated soccer for years, mainly because I didn’t fully understand it. It all seemed like kick and chase until my kids started playing and I began to learn about the strategies involved.

    It’s a different game altogether from American Football and shouldn’t be compared. I’m still not half the fan of soccer as I am Football, but that’s just because I was brought up with Football. As for flopping, it makes me sick when I see it on the soccer pitch or an NBA court. It’s classless and unsportsmanlike. If a player flops like the one in the video he should have to leave the game and not return. If he’s so injured that he screens like a baby he should be held out (for safety concerns) and the referee should be allowed to make that call.

    • Actually, in high school soccer they have rules like that. If a player has a head injury, either real or imaginary, he cannot return to the match unless he can show the game official a written doctor’s permission slip. As a referee I use this all the time now and you can’t imagine how it has reduced flopping and faked injuries. I hope they extend it to all injuries where a player goes down and “can’t” get back on his feet without assistance.

      If FIFA would allow referees to send “injured” players off the field when they go down like that and then only allow them to return with a medical clearance you wouldn’t have nonsense like occurring so often.

  • Marco

    Does the soccer league not severly fine and suspend players who do this? They should. With camera’s catching the “action” from every angle it is pretty easy to know what actually happened. They should fine him and publicly admonish and embarrass him and his team and coach so that this stuff stops happening. It makes the game silly and laughable.

  • Jeff

    This has little bearing on why Soccer isn’t followed as much in the States as Internationally. It doesn’t help it’s popularity, but I dislike watching Soccer for a whole lot of other reasons. Flopping happens in about every sport I’ve watched, so some arguments here seem silly. I could be wrong, but I’m thinking the NBA started fining players for blatant flops. American Football has so many things that are right on par with flopping (like to watch it though). Soccer is a bit like baseball to me. I love to play baseball, but really have a hard time watching an entire game. If Soccer made the goals about 50% larger and shortened the field, there might be enough action going on to keep my interest. Not a fan of pitching duels or 1-0 soccer. I will say the college soccer player that yanked the girl from BYU’s ponytail was one of the funnier (horrible, but funny) things I’ve seen. Doesn’t top Canseco heading a baseball over the fence though. Everybody loves it when an idiot does something dumb.

  • Scott

    I am a huge soccer fan and it cracks me up when guys who never played American football past the flag level talk about soccer not being a sport and for wussies. I guess watching on tv and the stands really empowers some. I agree that simulation is getting out of hand in soccer and more should be done to eliminate it (like what MLS is trying to do), but it is hardly limited to the sport of soccer. Some of the worst acting comes from our own NBA, plus we get the added bonus of large 250 pound+ men slapping and air punching in order to maintain their ‘cred’ when a dust up occurs. They should be forced to watch these so called “fights” with their peers afterwards to serve as shame punishment.

  • LQ

    This is very simple to solve. If you writhe about on the floor in pain, then you have to stay off the field for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Your team ends up playing one man down for that time. I bet it would make teams and coaches think twice about allowing their players to fall down and whine for no reason.

  • Biff Buffungton

    In football a kicker can be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for for trying to draw a contact penalty immediately after a kick by falling down or acting hurt. Why not add (or enforce if it’s already a rule) something similar to soccer?

  • philip rogers

    This is a strategy now infecting all levels of play, but the way to deal with this is easy! As a longtime, but now former referee ( it WAS time to hang up the boots after 30 + years of USSF and college games) I can state with a good deal of confidence that any referee can be fooled. So when the clown boy fools you but then makes a Miracle of Fatima recovery and jogs joyfully back onto the pitch… the next play where he has ANY contact, you hit him with a yellow card for a foul. When he cries and protests then you can give him his walking papers with the red for “Dissent”.

    Works wonders – although there were a couple colleges where I was not invited back 🙂
    ON the professional level all the leagues have to do is review the video and slap a 2 game suspension onto clown boy. When teams have 3 or 4 players “sitting out suspensions” coaches will decide to encourage the players to stay on their feet.


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  • Greg

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  • alabama

    Flopping is big in soccer because the reward in soccer are tremendous
    The other team can get a red card .Which mean , the other team will need to play the REST OF THE GAME WITH a man short.
    Just imagine any major american team sport playing with a man short for the rest of the game .The penalty need to be diminish .

  • Dirk Digler

    Z, your question regarding the media highlighting footballers who do not flop and dive is irrelevant since they all dive.
    I enjoy watching soccer, but occasionally have found myself angry at players for diving/flopping just to try to get a free kick in the box.
    I for one would like to see more yellow cards and red cards for unsportsmanlike conduct related to flops and dives. Start throwing a few colored cards around and the game will fix itself.
    Stay Thirsty My Friends…

  • Yoesef

    Why’s it always gotta be “colored” cards?


  • brian

    He gets hit with the elbow

  • Rich

    When a player stays down for what the official deems to be an extended amount of time, the player has to leave the field for play to continue. This player is checked by physios on the side line and allowed to come back into play when the official waves him back on.

    Basketball players dive in the lane to draw fouls. Baseball players act like they have been hit by pitched balls, catchers move their mitts to make the appearance of a pitched strike, they also begin to jog to the dugout before the call is made to influence the umpire. I could go on for days about baseball. In American football, kickers act like they have been hit, players hit the ground, argue with officials, act like they have been interfered with on pass plays, etc. It happens in all four major American sports. “Foot”ball, Baseball, “Soccer”, and lastly Basketball. I dont follow hockey as most Americans dont, I think it has fallen in attendance behind MLS “soccer” and even the sinking ship of the NBA. But I am sure there is some gamesmanship involved there as well.

    As for comparing sports…grow up guys. You guys that play FIFA on your PS3s high as a kite are just as guilty as the fat fucks that sit around killing entire bags of Cheetos each commercial break during NFL games.

  • colin

    flopping happens in all sports. Agreeeing with rich, even baseball and football have flopping. Now no one person can say any sport is better than the others, but soccer is the most watched sport in the world and is played worldwide unlike baseball and football (team sports). only basketball comes close to that. fifa is the to selling sports game b/c people in othe countries play it and not madden 12, or MLB 2K12. Flopping is hard to control b/c what if someone gets hurt but the officials see it as a flop? but for very obvious ones there is a fine. FIFA delivers a suspension and fine.

  • Eddie

    American football????
    try rugby dude, 80minutes of non-stop bone crunching tackcles and skillfull running, without pads or helmets.
    dont rip on football (not soccer), its the most popular sport in the world and there is a reason american football isnt, its all about showoffs and advertising. too slow with too many breaks.
    Kia kaha!

  • Stephen

    FIFA should borrow an idea from the NFL. They should have an offical that is in a booth. As soon as a player is “hurt”, the ref in the booth immediately reviews the play, (they will have 30 seconds). If he sees a drive, he buzzes the main ref on the field, and the diver gets an automatic yellow.