Check out this clip of Oregon’s coach, Chip Kelly laying into some Oregon fans during an interview with Erin Andrews.  There are ways people can impress Erin Andrews and I would assume this is damn near the top of the list.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

  • The Breakdownd

    Chip: *smug*
    Erin: *postgame question*
    Fan: *screams*
    Erin: *twirls fork in her dinner, looks at clock*
    Chip: *I must save this date*


    Erin: *moist*

  • Everyone has funny fantasy drafts. That’s why I do it. I wouldn’t go if it was boring or not funny. Making fun of my friends terrible picks is the best part. And I would think that a lot of NFL wouldn’t know how to play fantasy football. But if I played offense in the nfl I would pick myself, that would be awesome? cause then you actually control how many points you put up. that would be great.