Before the season started, one of the big debates was whether or not Tim Tebow could be a successful quarterback in the NFL.  And now that he’s been announced as the Bronco’s starter, it’s dominating the news all over again.  Well all the discussion can stop right now, because I have the definitive answer: Who cares.

You know how many NFL teams run out crappy inconsistent and unproven QB’s each week?  Like half of them!  I’m not even sure if the Dolphins know who their starter is this week.  So why is the Tebow situation in Denver such a big deal?  Is it cause he loves Jesus?  Does that make him super popular to large masses of the American public that I don’t know or understand?  Personally I find the fact that he aired an anti-abortion commercial during the Superbowl pretty weird and disturbing.

But since I’m already on the subject, I might as well weigh in.  Yeah it’s a small sample, but for his career in the NFL Tebow has completed only 45 of 92 pass attempts.  My gut feeling is that a completion rate of under 50% isn’t going to get him very far.

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  • Roger Crowder Jr

    Why don’t you move to Somalia or go join the 99% at Wall Street since you do not like what the majority of good , decent , AMERICANS do. I wish our screwed up government that wastes all this money on entitlements would do 2 things: people like you that do not Love AMERICA unconditionally the tax payers will pay for a one-way ticket for wherever you want to go with the only catch is you can Never come back to our country and stop letting illegals come to our country Illegally. Roger in Texas

    • Roger Crowder Sr

      Oh son just relax.

      Just so everyone knows Roger is my son who wanted to be a Gator his whole life, but then they rejected him so now he collects Tebow pictures in his room. Which is in my basement.

      Carry on///

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