President Obama was speaking in Orlando recently when he announced that he had recently spoke with the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard at a fundraiser regarding the lockout.  To be exact he told Dwight: “(I’m) a little heartbroken that the NBA season is getting delayed.”   You would think this would spur the NBA owners and players to speed up talks, no?  Don’t count on it.

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  • speedle

    Unh………I am heartbroken that Obama is President, and seeing as how the NBA season is likely to start before next November, it appears that my heart will be broken long after Obama’s is all better.

  • Greg Arnold

    Boo hoo; maybe Barry will invite them to the White House for a beer and some 3 on 3.

  • look i don’t feel sorry for the sports lock out these women trick them for all there money
    i save my money i ready to get back with the bulls and win number 7 i train every day now i ready to cash my bulls checks and one lakers checks i did won championships with phill jackson i been playing sports since i was 14 years of age i just going to tell it like it is ok
    save your money its happen to music,movies, so i for to help out on the sports people going to strip clubs makeine it rain in the club hanging with out with the people that do not under stand me or the its a sport no game these women tricking everybody i feel sorry for no body go bulls be smart with your money so i ready to talk to all the owners all the sports doctor stop feel sorry about your self its not the owners to blame the blame is on the sports players
    for makeing these women rich go bulls

  • obama don’t feel sorry for sports people for makeing the strip club rain
    u know what going on i save my money the blame is not the owners
    these women been tricking these sports people years@years to come
    now u heartbroken obama but u not heartbroken about ban me i don’t blame
    nothing about is this a trick ? wall street no body say nothing about them takeing everybody money i don’t feel sorry for the sport lock no body care about i like to talk to u for real i have
    nothing to prove at all
    when u have lots of money people is your friend when people think u don’t have no money people leave u alone look i don’t have no job sports is my job i don’t have no po so what the deal with the lock out wake obama its not me or david or the owner these sports need to wake up and save there money be smart about it

  • Maybe he should be more upset whither the state of the economy and bring jobs back to AMERICANS so we can afford to go to our faverit sporting events !!!!!!