I’ve read about it, and I’ve seen clips on youtube.  So I know that it’s real, but I guess part of me never actually believed it till I saw it with my own eyes.  Last weekend I was walking by Boston Common, and I saw people playing Quidditch.  And I’m not talking about a few kids messing around.  There were teams in uniforms.  Referees with whistles.  Even fans sitting in the bleachers and cheering.  I can’t really fathom how this is possible.

On the off that chance somebody doesn’t know, Quidditch is a FICTICIOUS game made up for the Harry Potter books, in which wizards fly around in the sky on brooms.  The problem is that in real life, people can’t fly.  So the kids who play Quidditch just run around on the ground instead.  This makes sense to me, except for the fact that they do it while pretending to sit on flying brooms.  I can’t imagine how annoyed, uncomfortable, and stupid I would feel trying to run, throw, and catch, while also holding a stick between my legs.  Whatever is going on the heads of the people who enjoy doing this is something I obviously can’t comprehend.

Am I looking at it from the wrong perspective?  Maybe it’s just theater, and not a competitive sport.  And yeah, I know the picture sucks, but I was kinda scared to get too close.

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  • Meg

    It does look and feel goofy to play, but it’s actually very fun, competitive–and a great workout! Harry Potter has an enormous fanbase, so more power to the people who have taken something from their favorite piece of literature and turned it into a tangible sport. The rules are just as complex as those of most professionally played sports, and while holding a stick in between your legs does look pretty strange, it adds a unique and challenging element to what’s ultimately just another game. Really, when you compare it to things like zorbing, Japanese game shows, mock medieval battles, cup stacking competitions, and even polo on horseback, does it really seem that weird?