The Cam Newton to Steve Smith connection in Carolina continues to be in good standing.  Check out the below video of a 1st quarter TD pass from Cam to Steve Smith which could be their best yet this season.  The 5 foot 9 Smith snagged this one out of the air over a defender for a pretty amazing 6 points and 54 yards.  Roman Harper came in late with a cheap shot which Steve took exception to, with good reason and the two teams mixed it up in the end zone for a short while.  Notice Cam Newton right in the middle of the skirmish.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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  • ron

    you stupid for mentioning cam newton trying to make it seem like he wants to be in the middle of drama..he’s just helping out his team-mate

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      • wow

        It’s a shame cowards like you hide behind posts to express your racist views. Then tomorrow you will work next to someone who doesnt even know who you are. You are living a double life. God Bless.

        • Nig for SURE hope some day someone slams them word down his mouth

      • Silky Johnson


    • Why would steve smith hit malcom jenkins knowing roman harper was the one that hit him. A little fear showing

      • mook

        jenkins was the one that walked up to smith

      • switchfootblind2

        Get yourself a better angle kid. Malcolm Jenkins was pushing Carolinas offensive linemen in the Endzone and came up behind another one when steve smith stepped in to help his boy. He got his A$$ kicked by a 5’9″ receiver.. Much love Smitty

    • Joints

      You all are fags, stfu…..

  • impact33

    I thought Steve Smith showed his cool, but you do have to represent…Hell it’s football and that was a an uncalled for hit out of frustration. Play the game!

    • west504

      Yeah. It’s football. That’s why all the players and coaches had to wear pink ribbons and roughing the passer was called when Cam Newton was barely touched. It’s hard to play the game the way it should be played when people are tiptoeing around afraid to hit somebody and booth reviews on every other play. If you’re scared to get hurt, don’t run across the middle or get out. Football is a rough, violent sport and those who participate are paid handsomely, so let them play. There’s nothing more fun than watching a good clothesline tackle! Oh I miss it. And Mr. Ramos, Smith got hit because he slowed down to walk into the endzone, a form of legal taunting, and it ticked Harper off, so he reacted. 15 yards was plenty.

      • hols

        so agree with you! Calling the calls they did on us against Cam Newton!! Ridiculous!!!! Steve Smith deserved it! He’s so freaking cocky!! He should’ve gotten a penalty also for grabbing Harpers face mask!! They BOTH should’ve been penalized! But doesn’t matter anymore WE WONNNNN!!!!!!

        • jrocardsfan

          Steve kicked that guys butt. Too bad he didn’t break his nose. Lucky he only breaks teammates noses.

        • baboula

          Harper should have been ejected from the game. that was a disgraceful display of sportsmanship. Smith did not slow down to a walk – loping and walking are two different things. Steve Smith is good just like T.O. is good. irritating as hell, but good nonetheless.

          • TheTruth

            The refs should have been ejected from the game for calling all those roughing the passer penalities… Some of them were called when Cam Netwon was barely touched. Discraceful!

      • jr070792

        Do you even have a freaking clue as to why they are wearing pink? Its for breast cancer awareness mr macho man. the reason its done is to show respect towards those who have gone through what most cant even imagine. I bet you dont know a single woman who has had breast cancer or any one that has any form of cancer for that matter. Plus its not even mandatory. Its done by choice by those who give a damn unlike you, you inconsiderate piece of shit.

        • survivor

          I couldn’t have said it better myself. Don’t worry, jr070792, this idiot probably doesn’t have any females in his life. loser!

          • becca17

            Um… men get breast cancer too. It is worse for them because they don’t check there. Also you don’t have to have “man boobs” to get it.

        • jrocardsfan


        • Great Answer

      • basickid swagg

        dude first of all die heart panthers fan here and steve smith didnt do nothing to deserve that and yes it is football and of course its violent why you think they wear shoulder pads and any other protection, but that was a late hit and steve smith slowed down because he was already at the touchdown. he didnt deserve to get hit like that so the other player faces the consequences and the wrath of steve smith. he aint a bitch nor a ho, if he was then he wouldnt be playing football or for the fact a wide receiver, because it shows that wide receiver and running backs are more likely to get hurt by cornerbacks or safeties. so get off steve smith because hes one of the best receivers in the whole league and will show out if he wants too.

      • Listen moron…Smith crossed the goal line walking because no one was within 20 yards after he crossed the 5 yard line…so your “Saint” sprints just to take a pathetic cry baby shot at Smith. Watch a different tape and Smith took the shot, but your boy punk kept talking and therefore the end result. What do you want offensive touchdowns to look like…score and turn around and hit the guy that was defending you…watch Rugby you fake tough guy.

      • Scubadude44

        Hey asshole! The pink is to honor victims and survivors of breast cancer. Do the world a favor, cancel your internet account, and run your car off a cliff you miserable POS!

        • andy

          Jesus H Christ, it’s pink, it’s yellow and next it’ll be purple so everybody can be a queer like Barney. Give me a damn break, stuff your breast cancer pink ribbon up your yellow ribbon ass. Leave that crap at home or on the billboards or put on another damn 3 minute ad on tv. Just lose that shit off the field. Don’t dare tell me I don’t know about cancer either, I’ve had it. I sure as hell don’t need the g–damn world reminding me of it every motherf–king minute.

          • theropist

            What’s up, Andy, I also have had cancer, Hodgkins to be exact, and I do agree they commercialize professional sports way too much. But, dude, lighten up. I’m a die-hard footbal fan just like every post on here, I love the hard (and, sometimes late) hits, but in the end…….it’s just a game.

          • Hospice#1

            You need to get cancer back then. My wife just passed away from a ten year fight with cancer. Just because you’re a bitter piece of shit, doesn’t mean that the women should not be supported in their fight with breast or any other kind of cancer. They’re not doing it for you jerk off!!

      • smithingtonthe6th

        you’re an idiot. he did not slow down dancing, he winded down at last 5 yards (you want him to full sprint all the way and pull a Barry Sanders?)
        He didnt see the safety coming, dirty, late hit, unnecessary, and you’re a terrible defense lawyer. you make my head hurt

      • jrocardsfan

        Cheap shot saints defense, what they’re known for

      • Alex

        Your an idiot. If he cant keep his cool just because he got scored on then he needs to go back to pee wee football. That was ridiculous and uncalled for. Steve Smith made a heck of a play and Harper got scored and acted immature and childish. Grow up man. That was the most idiotic comment I have ever heard.

      • Imjustsayin

        while I agree that that the NFL is getting awful touchy about hits and calls these days I would hardly say that wearing pink in support of breast cancer awarness is a sign of the sport’s weakness. heaven forbid men stand up and support of a cure and spread awareness for a disease that probably affects women in many of these athlete’s lives. im just saying…….

      • lynda

        You I-dot !!!!! o you not know what the pink ribbons are for???? Proves they are more manly than UUUUUUUUUUU

      • Charles

        Players are also employees and their company (team) don’t want them hurt/banged up on some humbugg, especially to the zeal of some juvenile fan. There is no money in that! Ya think??

      • you are such a dum ASSSS, Smith was not even looking back to taunt someone he just slowed down because no one can cath him, so how can you call it taunting,

    • bckm

      Agreed, impact33…I’m a Saints fan and that was UNCALLED FOR. Ejection would not have been unwarranted. Yeah, football is a rough game, but STOOOPID plays like Harper’s are beyond what should be tolerated. It would be just deserts if someone leveled Haper…

  • Bob Ramos

    I saw No. 41 late cheap shot. Had I been the referee, I would have assessed a 15 year penalty plus disqualified the guy. He is a dirty player.

  • John Smith

    Not sure why Smith chose to engage after seeing the flag for the late hit. I veteran like Smith should know better. This type of poor decision making is not good for those kids watching these games. Better to let the penalty speak for the stupid play and not make it worse and risk a penalty for another personal foul by reacing as Smith did after the flag was thrown for the late hit.

    Start suspending folks (forget the fines) for these blatantly late hits and they will stop doing them. Suspension hurt the coaches who can change the bad behavior. Fines do nothing.

    • dennis

      Our country is very lucky you were not the commander and chief 0n 12-7-41.

      • chris

        There is a big difference between a late hit in football and players remaining professional about it and pearl harbor.

      • MIke

        That was 70 years ago…. are you still bitter?!?! How is that statement even relevant? Please put the hallucinogenics away…

    • Harry P. Styles

      I totally agree with you. Something’s got to be done about these late hits–especially the ones to the head–and soon, before someone gets seriously hurt. Fines are just a slap on the wrist. How about suspending or even disqualifying players for these blatant and oftentimes repeat infractions? This is just plain ridiculous!

    • anon

      smith engaged because his teammates had engaged and the saints were going after his teammates. he would have ignored the hit if the fight hadn’t started between the two teams already

  • bulldog81

    Simple. The hit was a cheap shot, late and foolish. Suspension and $50K fine to be paid the a needy charity.

    • saint jj

      Late hit and penalty was given……you are ridiculous for saying 50k and suspension… have obviously never played any organized sports in your life. It was only a message sent by harper to smith…. nothing more…

      • al dog

        James Harrison sends messages like that so you think that’s “nothing more”?
        Ask him what’s in his wallet. It’s not up to that idiot to send illegal “messages”
        because his azz got beat for a TD. You AND Mr. Harper should man up.

        Another coward like Finnegan…and just like Finnegan,he’ll get served too
        soon enough.

        • saint jj

          why would i ask him what is in his wallet? I do not care what is in his wallet. I am happy that message was sent so the wideouts will hear footsteps for the rest of the game and not know what is coming…go back to girls t-ball, figure skating, and your moms basement!!!

  • Bob

    Steve Smith was hit late and it was a cheap shot but it did not upset Mr. Smith until after he performed his attention drawing ball spin and posing. I wish players would stop all the acting, the dancing and celebrating and act as if they have scored before.

    • Eric

      That defender took a cheap shot at him after he made a great play. He celebrated by spinning the ball and dancing just like most NFL players do. Steve Smith has been there PLENTY of times and wanted the thug that hit him to know the punk bush league move he made by taking that cheap shot did nothing but get him a flag and hopefully a fine later this week. These officials need to take control of the game, this guy should have been kicked out of the game on the spot.

  • d1ck nuggets

    Comedy……..dude just got plowed over in the end zone and all he could think about what his victory dance. Just another nig actin’ a foo’……

    • nicole

      REALLY??!! and you would be “another nig” acting foolishly as well. Dumb A++.

    • Bigmike1sd

      u really said the “N” word ur an idiot! crawl out of ur cave loser!!

  • nicole

    Great catch, Dumb hit. not sure why Cam was called out on this one. Anyone?

  • brab

    Clean it up Nicole!

  • nig? dick nugget your a DICK,this isn’t the 60’s you fool,but then again shows who you are, I’m Italian,and still get called names, butit just shows that we all still have a ways to go.Steve Smith, in my eyes is a great reciever, and he just decided that the guy was sending a message, so he decided to send one of his own.Cam is now one of the great QB, just think of how great he is going to be down the road. I love the guy,watched in play at Auburn, one day he’ll be spoke of like Tom Brady is now. So grow up DICK NUGGETS, THIS IS 2011 GET WITH IT DICK

  • P1

    Steve Smith lifted homie up tho…he’s a tough fiery guy. Just like Harper. no harm no foul in this instance. the game is intense and emotional. like someone else commented Harper was sending a message and Steve Smith sent his back!

  • Boogie

    jacckass you are just saints hater

  • Zak

    Being a diehard Saints fine, I will like to apologize for the late hit.. It was uncalled for but like someone said earlier Harper was just letting him know nothing is for free. They threw the flag for the late hit, but notice Smith didn’t try to act tough until the rest of team got there. There is no room in the game for this kind of crap but sometimes our emotions get the best of us..

  • Michael

    Yes, it was a late hit. And, anyone would raise an objection. But, does anyone notice how many incidents of fighting, taunting, cheap shots, etc. involve Steve Smith? Even team mates aren’t out of the question.

  • unclephil

    I think that Steve Smith is one of the greated receivers of all time…….pound-for-pound, he is as tough as there is…………In this case, Smith was “showboating” by slowing down as he neared the goal line………….I dont blame Harper one bit…………Smith invited Harper with the taunt…….Smith got what he deserved……………..

    • jrocardsfan

      Steve kicked his *ss after that, hung that dude by his facemask. Steve is no slouch, he is a butt kicker. Donb’t like him, but respect him and his talent.

  • He

    Sure it was a stupid late hit and his team was rightfullly penalized for it. Why was there no flag against the Panthers for starting an obvious fight?

    • hols

      Right! Steve Smith should have gotten a penalty also!! Not right!

  • Masticated

    I’m not exactly sure how it was taunting on Smith’s part. If you go back and look at the reply, he believes is is alone near the endzone. Isn’t even aware Harper was bearing down on him until after he crosses the goal line. Some of you need to either get a pair of glasses or renew your prescription. lol

    • austinsbuddy

      dont think for one second he didnt know where harper was on that field

  • Casey

    If there was a late hit on any of us, we would have done the same thing Steve Smith would have done. If I’m not mistaken, Harper was the one on the ground getting his head pulled of his shoulders by a smaller person. Steve Smith walks on clouds and Harper is just another spectator.

    • bison

      Sadly you are mistaken, Smith didnt go after Roman Harper, he went after the smaller Malchom Jenkins who had nothing to do with the hit. Roman “the neck” Harper simply stated to mister Smith that if your going to walk in the endzone you will get hit, we’ll take the flag every time. You dont mess with the neck. who dat!

    • Jordan

      Actually it was not Harper getting dominated, it was Jennings. Harper is 40 something…jennings is the 27 that smith had a hold of

  • jm

    Late hit….deserved a penalty. Smith ALSO deserved a penalty for retaliating….he is and always will be a PUNK

  • cg

    does anyone else notice he wasnt fighting with harper. he picked a fight with someone else that had nothing to do with the hit. he should have been called for that.

  • GW

    Yes it was a late hit by harper (41), so smith does his little ball spin thing and then attacks jenkins (27) with no penalty. in who’s reality is that right??? Harper sent a 15 yard message. Smith’s little hissy fit by grabbing the first player he sees (once his team mates are there) draws no flag. Now that’s a great message to send across the NFL.
    If you don’t like what another player does, (i’m not sure if it matters if its a legal hit or not) do your dance, wait for back-up and attack a player from the other team that had nothing to do with the hit you took. Maybe, just maybe you can find a player smaller than you to beat on (maybe a punter or team mascot). Way to go smith. your such a hero. all that to help your team win. oh, i forgot, they lost. I think it would have been better if your message back to the saints was to beat them by having more points at the end of the game. that proved to be a much harder task then to pull a player to the ground by his facemask. who-dat say they gonna beat them saints? not the panthers on this day.

  • Matthew

    Roman Harper took a cheap shot on Steve Smith and drew a penalty… WHY are you using that to justify Steve Smith attacking Malcom Jenkins after the play? Maybe you should… I don’t know… watch the video?

    • GW

      I watched video. I’m not justifying smith’s hit on jenkins at all. the fact is harper hit smith late and drew a penalty. Why then do your dance and attack some other saints player (in this case jenkins)? harper was wrong and it cost the saints 15 yards. smith was wrong and it cost 0.

  • Corey

    Maybe I missed something, but why is Smith attacking Jenkins when Harper is the one that had the dirty hit. I think that Smith should have been penalized for that. I could understand if he got up from the dirty hit and attaked Harper immediately, but not only did he celebrate the TD, he attacked a completely different player. Also, as worried as they are about Cam Newton getting hurt, they sure didn’t give a damn about Jenkins when Smith was about to snap his neck. That was one of the most vicious attacks I have seen and they penalized the Saints for it.

  • football fan

    This idiot Smith has one of the biggest mouths in the NFL! I think he has little mans syndrome! He gets a first down?..He dances. Gets a touchdown?..he dances. Makes a deep catch?…he dances. This piece of crap should be on Dancing with the Stars!! Ill admit he is a good receiver, but all this dancing and trash talking has got to go. Whatever happened to players giving the ball to the refs after they score like Barry Sanders used to. Ahh the good ole days..before all this “represent’n” sh*& Act like you been there before Smith (and other receivers). All that dancin and you still lost!!!!! It isn’t about you and how you represent, it’s about how the team wins or loses TOGETHER!!!! Moron!!!!

  • basickid swagg

    ok first of all im a die heart carolina fan, secondly steve smith didnt do anything to deserve to be hit late. he already was already in the end zone and it was considered a late hit, besides he was already towards the end zone and that player saw that. of course football is a violent sport but thats why they have helmets and pads to protect them, now that was a late hit and that player had to pay the consequences and feel the wrath of steve smith. so get off steve smith for doing what he had to do, and if your a man then you dont wanna seem like a punk in front qa nation watching of course steve smith wasnt gonna take that hit sitting down or for this fact laying down, steve smith one of the greatest football wide receivers of all time deserves respect and againa die heart carolina panthers fan. also put yourself in his shoes what wouyld you do after you scored a touchdown and a player late hits you.

    • teacher

      Uh, learn how to structure a sentance? Or speak proper English?

    • GW

      if smith got into it with harper right after it happened, I almost could see his point. I would expect more from a veteran player. He didn’t do that!!! Smith did his dance then went after a player that had done nothing except be the closest saint player when he was done with his scoring dance. I’m a die hard saints fan and I can say that I think harper should have gotten a flag. I also can say that smith should have gotten one for his attack on jenkins well after the play was dead.

  • DOni

    cheerleaders promote sex, and football players Promote Violence I’M the extremest of extreme.

    blahhah i think after the games are done all out cages brawls 13 on 13 till the death that sheet would sell.

    As for steve smith amazing.Penalize that dam blind sider cheap shot. These are like beasts on a leash Winnin get them a fat feast. Raged and on stage wtf do you think will happen when a fool blindsides you. This is america AIGHT enuf said. Watch ur effin backs Osama wasnt even safe!

  • IrishCowboy

    A lot of people think it’s OK fo rthe late hit because he got penalized. So what’s the penalty……really??? 15 yards on the frickin’ kick-off?? So now the kicker can kick it 15 yeards out of the end zone?? Players know they can get away with cheap shots because the chances are, with the new kickoff rule, that it’s going to be a touchback anyways. So again……what was the result of the penalty? Did the Saints get the bal on the 20 (i didn’t watch the game) or maybe the penalty should be assesed AFTER the kick-off, resulting in the offending team getting the ball on the 5 yard line after a touch back or 15 yards from the end of the play (unless it’s a KO return for a touchdown, then I say let the TD stand and no penalty)

    • GW

      I understand your point. I may even agree with you. The fact its a 15 yard penalty. It wasn’t bad for the saints because it happened on a scoring play. That’s the rule. If harper hits another player late, it’ll be 15 yards again. What happen when smith doesn’t like a hit and attacks another player??? what happens to him then??? I just hope he doesn’t break someone’s neck.

    • tiredofstupidity

      The league will fine as appropriate regardless of what the refs call on the field. All this back & forth by stupid people is just a bunch of f’n couch potatoes wanting to be relevent. (me included)

  • black


  • Dev

    Last time i checked everyone don’t look down when they run

  • bojala

    nevermind all that bs look at s smith leaping a full 1 1/2 feet over the defender and making a 2handed grab hes not human!!!

  • all the haters of football need to quit talking so much bs. its football harper should of been ejected.

  • whinners just shut up

  • James M

    It’s the reff’s call to make, but as allways in the NFL some jerk forgets the main rule… get your ass all the way in the endzone and finish the play, then act like an ass! Close call on the late hit, the guy slowed, the defender should be freaking about stoping the TD, again finish the play, if you have to fall down the second you break the goal line, Flag everything else! end the play and get the 6… It’s way they pay you the money!

    Defense, don’t be so stupid as to respond to a tuant the exact moment everyone in the staduim and every TV camera is fixated on your very spot

  • raidernation

    2 players get punk 51,33 in one play & than 27 lmao

  • Dunny

    It is amazing that some people are blaming Steve Smith for responding to a dirty play that couldve easily threatened his career. This is the reason why football has become so commercial because of these apologists that prefer tag football over traditional football. If you have a problem with Smith addressing someone taking a cheap shot then things will only escalate once someone discover you’re a walk over. Get a life!

  • John

    Heck with the football. Who is that chick in the boots and jeans?

  • David

    Roman Harper is a thug, just like when he played at bama. Someone will even the score up on him, it’s coming.

  • will

    Harper was out of line a little but that’s the game…and Jennings did get his ass whip…but one thing all of ya’ll missing….we still wonnnnnnnnn……lol saints baby

  • yomamasays

    I never ever comment but I can tell two things by reading most of these comments.
    1. None of you biased idiots watched the game, just this video.
    2. You’re all BLIND!

    First of all the Saints were up 10-0 before that point and 3-1 entering the game compared to the 1-3 record of the Panthers. So as I see it none of you watched the game, so let me set up the situation, Panthers win the coin toss and elects to receive, on the very first play of the opening drive of the game, Newton’s pass is intercepted, the ensuing interception return yields a 15 yard penalty (half the distance to the goal, 3 yards) for a facemask by D. Williams. Total time of possession minus the kick-off return: 7 seconds. Three plays and three yards later Saints touchdown. Total game time elapsed: 1:10.

    13:50 left in the first Panther ball on the 20 yard line, two quick first down plays then a failed third down conversion (incomplete pass, needed four yards). All of a 2:45 drive resulting in a Panther’s punt, fair caught by Sproles at their 8 yard line. Total game time elapsed 3:56, score Saints up 7-0.

    Saint’s ball with 11:04 left in the first quarter. This drive would result in a field goal but included four first downs; two through the air, one by way of a reversed fumble challenged play, and one by way of a 17 yard penalty. The latter of which would put the Saints in field goal position, putting them up 10-0. Nine plays, spanning 4:49 and covering 70 yards.

    Panther ball from the 20, I’ll spare the details for you morons but 7 plays, a time out, and a ten yard (replay first down) holding penalty lead up to where we are in the video. Three out of the seven plays go something like the following. Ball on the Carolina 37 yard line, 1st and 20, incomplete pass to former Saint Jeremy Shockey. Second and 20, 9 yard pass to Greg Olsen, third down.

    Cue the video. Panthers down 10-0, having shown signs of big play potential but also mental errors and inconsistency. 3:05 left in the first, 3rd and 11, the ball is snapped. Smith veered inward before dashing back out and throwing a club/swim move against Greer who was playing 9 yards off. Smith (5’9″) leaps above Jabari Greer (5’11”) and makes a fantastic catch over an 8 year veteran playing fantastic coverage. The same veteran player who, fell to the ground immediately following the catch, and who happened to be the only player within a 12-15 yard radius of Smith at the time of the catch.

    Now if you were to actually watch the video without your fill in the blank prejudice glasses on, you would see that after Greer gets up he is running about 75% for about 12 yards (from the 29 to about the 17.) Meanwhile Smith reaches about the 15 before he looks around and sees Greer is about 7 yards behind him, and begins to slow down. (Around the 17 Greer is practically jogging or about 50%, SLOWING DOWN, the rest of the way.) Harper and Greer are very close to being equidistant from Smith when he is at the 10 yard line. Harper however maintains his speed. From this point on he clearly flagrantly intended to lay his hit on Smith.

    Smith ignored the hit and celebrated his personal effort alone in the end zone. The flag was thrown, Harper walked away.

    Now here’s what proved to me that the majority of trolls here are blind. The players coming down to join Smith in the end zone initiated the scuffle not Smith. Smith still in the last moments of his celebration as the players on his team were already engaged in the skirmish. He saw his teammates engaged on his behalf and walked right in and got involved. Mackenzy Bernadeau had his hands on Jenkins before Smith did. The only reason Smith was able to get him all the way his because Jordan Gross had his hands on Harper who pushed Bernadeau and him stumbling forward allowed Smith to choke him out properly. LaFell and Naanee with also both in on it at about the same time Smith joined in.

    You trolls really go out of your way to prove that ignorance is bliss. It’s funny/sad how euphoric you in your stupidity.

    Blame Smith for showboating? Really?
    Saying it’s all Smith’s fault? Really?

    Even Greer knew the play was resulting in a touchdown, was he showboating also for slowing down? You trolls are truly ignorant.

    Harper simply sending a message? Explain exactly what that message might have been. The Saints were dominant the entire quarter and had really only let up that one play, on a brilliant pass by Newton and a phenomenal effort by Smith. You let a few go here and there, that certainly didn’t warrant Harper’s actions so early in a game against an opponent with a one win record and whom your team was beating easily 10-0 up till that point. That is fourth quarter down by a lot, losing scrub team mentality. Not one loss, two season removed former Super Bowl champions up by 10 pitching a shut-out team.

    Harper’s actions were pathetic. Running cover three he should have been over the top on that play, but he was burned and trailing the runner, and he chose to throw a preschool fit and act after the play. I don’t see anyone pointing this out, yeah the Saints won, but at that point they were winning already.

    Smith sent his message through his play, Harper sent his through his childlike fit, and the Panthers returned to sender. Saints win the game no big deal, but pay attention to the facts and don’t make your life long continual mistake of stating your troll opinions as facts.

    ’nuff said.

    -yo mama

  • Love how Steve got pushed with a cheap shot…got up and finished his celebration (just to rub it in). And then beat the ass of the first dude that walked up to him. Steve Smith is one of the baddest dudes in the league. He plays incredibly undersized, attacks/goes up and gets the ball, the dude finished off a touchdown a few years back while breaking his arm, that’s a tough Mf’er right there! And people who don’t like him b/c he’s arrogant…are you kidding me? That’s drive and determination…its what makes him a great player. Anyone who thinks different is just jealous he ain’t on their team.

    And that New Orleans hit was classless trash.

    And I agree that QB’s are way to protected, the damn league is extending commercial time by reviewing everything! They are extending drives and blowing up point totals with bogus penalties. Its really starting to become unwatchable. Great plays and effort on the defensive end coast them 15 yards and a new set of downs. It sucks.

  • DarthMeow504

    As a Saints fan, I’ll be looking forward to the day the team gets a strong safety with some speed and athletic ability that can save a touchdown and hit the ball carrier BEFORE they cross the goal line. Roman Harper is not that player, and I’m more than a little sick of hearing his name called when the Saints defense gets burned for a big play. Just as I was tired of hearing the name Jason David under the same circumstances.

    Not that I’m hating on the guy, mind you, but this is the NFL and he obviously doesn’t have the speed necessary to deal with today’s NFL, especially in the passing game. The Saints clearly need an upgrade at the position. Here’s hoping this is the last year we have to hear about his mistakes.

    • bison

      He leads the team in sacks!

  • Charlie

    That was a definate cheap shot; New Orleans is a dirty team. The officials give them everything because they suffered devistation and chaos when they were too stupid to leave with hurricanes Rita and Katrina coming. Replay the 2009 NFC Championship Game – straight officiating and the Vikings win by 14.

  • Chris B

    How can anyone not be pissed at the late hit?
    How can anyone be pissed that people show support for women and breast cancer research? My mothers has had to battle my whole life. Just because some of you know what the pink is
    about doesn’t mean others do, and that is why people where the pink. Same reason people
    wear yellow ribbons to show support for our troops to let them know we want them back (unlike
    the bs that went on after Vietnam).
    Even in the more physical sports like Hockey, ARL and Rugby late blind side hits are not acceptable.
    Only difference is that when they get in fights people get hurt. Smith had every reason to be pissed
    off and show his disappointment at such a late hit.

    While there’s a lot of reasonable people on here, there sure are a lot of fucking whiners, criers
    and overall losers.

  • edeckard

    As a white man I would love to see one of these so called “nigs” line you up and take your white trash asses out. This world would be a much better place if you morons weren’t in it.

  • Dannimal

    Edeckard, you are exactly right. I to am a white man, with two black roommates, all of us veterans. These clowns that kep saying “nigs,” no matter where they are from are pussies, coward bitches. They would never say that garbage to people of color without protection. To al the bitches that still think that shit is cute or even tolerable. You in the near future are going to talk like that around the wrong white guy assuming that it is ok with him and get your bitchass whooped – f%%en loser pussies, sick of it!!

  • AppMatt

    Steve Smith celebrates after every catch and every TD because he respects the fact that the Lord has blessed him with the ability to do that every Sunday. For all he knows “it may be his last catch/TD”…. His words on a Charlotte Radio show, not mine. Smith has a fire inside him like no other player in NFL history, allowing him to be, pound for pound, the best WR I have ever seen. Put him with Brady, Manning, Warner, Marino, Montana he would be a first ballot HOFer.
    Small market player, too bad most of you do not get to see him on a weekly basis.