A fiery crash happened this past weekend involving Terry Muskrat, Brian Wolfe and Steve Little during the 50-lap main feature of the 2nd Annual Stock Car Nationals at Oklahoma Sports Park.  During the wreck, one car in particular took on a large amount of flames and the driver, Terry Muskrat, seemed trapped in his race car.  When 27 year old driver and competitor, Kip Hughes, saw Terry’s car engulfed in flames he did what no one expected, he stopped and came to the rescue of his competitor.

A local news station reported on the incident:

According to KFOR-TV, the  Terry Muskratt became trapped in his burning car after being involved in a multiple-car crash. When Hughes saw the flames, he stopped racing to help get Muskratt to safety, tearing away the protective window net and pulling Muskratt from the car.

“The adrenaline’s going and I’m just thinking, ‘I gotta get this guy out before something bad happens,”‘ Kip told CNN.

Kip Hughes said:

“I don’t want that to ever happen again for anybody,”Hughes told the Ada News. “Whether I’m battling it out with them on the race track and we’re exchanging (gestures) or whatever else, it’s a horrible deal for a family to go through.”


Driver saves another in fiery crash

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  • Kip Hughes you are Man among men! God Bless You

    • marehse

      You are the big winner. God Bless You.

  • cory dunn

    i was at this race, if it wasnt for kip huges the driver would have lost his life, this small ada race track is way backwoods they where spraying water on a fuel fire towards the driver. im no scientist but i learned in 4th grade u cant spray water on a fuel fire. it spreads i cant express how un safe this race was

  • RATso

    Here’s a guy with good instincts and a good heart!

  • Katie

    Makes My Day Knowing There Are People Like This Still Out There 🙂

  • chuck

    Thanks for helping a comrad, It’s truly a great thing you did, and may God Bles you for your actions, GOOD JOB just doesn’t seem to cut it, but it’s the best I have to offer

  • Hughes won the race, the only race that is important!

  • rudy

    What a class act ….. truly a brave and selfless act. Guess winning at all cost is not the most important thing after all for real men.

  • Ken

    Kip is a man who uses his heart as well as his head. People who really care are sometimes hard to find today. If he never finished that race….HE IS A WINNER! , in all the ways it really counts—life itself.

  • dave

    I give that man my highest regards and salute. Not becuase he stopped racing, but because he moved into action faster than anyone else. Because he stood in the FREAKIN FLAMES and pulled with all his might. Until he resuced alive his competitor. And then hugged him.

    That my good friends.

    Is a man.

  • jack

    Kip, you are the man. You save a fellow competitor and hopefully neither he nor you are any the worse for wear. You taught us all there is lots right about this country still and you set the bar for the rest of us. Drive on!!!

  • John

    This man is a true winner,this is what makes a hero. Makes you feel good to know that there are still decent people in this world.

  • Sammy

    I think this definition of selfless sums up Kip’s actions. Amazing job my friend!

    adjective, having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.

  • James

    That was a surprize but a good one. A lot of drivers would had been forcused
    on winning the race but he thought about more than just the race.
    This is the kind of news i like reading about 🙂

  • Nate Schwartz

    There should be an annual award for such heroism (male or female) in sports.

    • John Brandenburg

      I agree, give him a front row seat at nascars award event

  • John

    Its great to see a hero among us, I remember a famous driver doing the same thing about 50 years ago by the name of Fireball Roberts. You are among the elite in the sport by acting in such an Un-selfish manner. God bless you for being a HERO.

  • Rick

    Kip,I’m sure you don’t want to here all the accolades being bestowed upon you for this selfless act. Too bad. Your getting them anyway. Class act. Need more like you in this world of hate and selfishness.

  • Darrel

    John, it was Ned Jarrett who pulled Fireball from his car when it was fully engulfed in frames, getting burns on his hands for his efforts. Unfortunately, Fireball died a month and one half later from his burns, but otherwise he would have died on the track at Charlotte.

    Putting your life in danger to save a fellow human, that is true heroism.

  • Alan

    Kip did what was most important and that’s saving Terry’s life. Winning a car race isn’t the difference between life and death but choosing to risk himself to rescue his competitor is. While they may have been competing on the race course, their is no competition when it comes to saving someone’s life, Kip is a TRUE HERO and a great example for this world.

  • 24paws

    That’s why I love NASCAR and similar drivers — there’s a bond among them that is not a part of any other sports profession. Bravo Zulu to Mr. Hughes — he put his concern for another human being above himself and his profession.

  • slomoman

    im not really a race fan indifferent really.but yet here i sit in front of my laptop with tears in my eyes.this is not just a man but should be a idol for people everywere.if only i thought i would even consider doing this for someone would make me a better man .not only a man but a man apart from so many of us even the best of us .and when my kids wake up im going to show this to them even if i shouldnt .

  • Donnie

    That is what it means to have balls! God bless him!

  • BDBerzerker

    That’s an Okie for ya. Good job, sir.

  • Thanatos

    It usually never fails to have some troll on this type of forum just posting to bash the true hero of the story, but in this case, no individual is sick enough to bash what is truly a good story with a heroic effort. Bravo to the man who risked his own life to save another human being. This is true heroism in real life, not a made-up story for theaters. I take my hat off and salute Mr Hughes for what he did in what is usually considered the most selfish era of humanity.

  • Russ Walker

    Kip Hughes is a REAL hero, right up there with Francis Oxley. Who is Francis Oxley? In ’74 a Crop Duster crashed along side of the road that he happened to driving on. He stopped his car and went and pulled the unconscious Pilot out of and away from a burning airplane.
    Too often I hear people called heros who have only lived through a bad situation, often of their own making. This irritates me. These people are not heros, they are survivors.
    However Kip Hughes and Francis Oxley are REAL heros. They have GONE INTO a bad situation to rescue some one else.

  • Stacy

    Finally they report on the good things. This is just simply awesome. This guy put the situation in perspective and made the right decision. They should all get together and give him the prize money for his selflessness. What a hero.

  • I agree with everything that has been said in regards to Kip, someone said a true hero risked his life for someone else. There was a Man who gave his life for all men, i just wish everyone would recognize Him and choose to follow Him.