Let me be very clear, it does not matter one bit that Michael Oher didn’t know who Steve Jobs is yet when you tweet it to the world, it does deserve a bit of ribbing.  He even apologized about not knowing who Mr. Jobs was today.  I really want to give the big guy a hug right now.  You can see his Tweets below.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/MichaelOher/status/121757799792390144″]

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/MichaelOher/status/121996342674464768″]

  • Dee

    This is truly sad that this young man did not know who Steve Job is.

    • Why?

      Why is that? He was a businessman, do we all have to know who they are?

      • Mvee

        No, because he used an iphone to send the tweet.

  • Cris Diaz

    Ironic yes…sad, no not really.

  • hmmmm23

    Jacka** he was more than just a business man, heand Bill Gates created yhe 2 most used operating systems in the world. They made history changed the future.

  • Just because the got was tweeting off an iphone doesnt mean he had to know who steve jobs was. Thats ridiculous to even say such a thing. Im quite sure Steve Jobs watched the NFL on a regular basis,and do the he knew who Michael Ohr was. My point exactly!!! Stop the madness people because thi isjust plain out ridiculous. Hell i didnt even know who the guy was and i own an ipad and a iphone. But RIP Mr. Steve Jobs.

  • peace6

    “Just because the got was tweeting……”??? yeah, i understand that!
    “…..watched the NFL on a regular basis,and do the he knew who…..”??? yeah, i understand that too!

  • Matt

    Do you know who designed your PS3 or your Xbox? No not Bill Gates 😉 Who was the inspiration and design of that car you’re driving? How about who runs that AT&T or Verizon network you’re using right now?

  • larry armor

    Who cares if he knows who what’- his name is. Do you know who made your hair dryer? Ohh you probably do, good for you; must make you great fun a parties.

  • pinky

    Whats the big deal, my grandson doesn’t know who Cary Grant is, and he is 18.