Austin Pacheco, a high school senior at Carson High, kicked a 64-yard field goal with under 30 seconds left in the game to lead his team to a 27-24 win over Bishop Manogue. Pacheco’s kick was the second-longest in Nevada history only behind Reno High’s Dirk Borgognone who nailed a 68-yard field goal in 1985.

Carson coach Blair Roman was nearly speechless following the game:

“I don’t know what to say, “You might have to wait a minute. That (kick) broke the NFL record (of 63 yards). I know it was off a tee and I know it was wind-aided, but it was a great kick. It was fourth-and-13, and we’re not a fourth-and-13 team. I knew he had the leg to make it.”

Regardless of the conditions, hitting a 64-yard field goal is no small feat. The NFL record, in fact, was only tied earlier this year and that is 63 yards.

Austin Pacheco Field Goal from Deadspin on Vimeo.

via Nevada Appeal
video via Deadspin

  • We need him on the Panthers.

    • Renita

      Giants need him too!

    • Nykia007

      We REALLY need him on the Panthers! WOW

  • d1ck nuggets

    Damn! It almost looks like one of those fake videos! Tee, thin air, wind from your back….who cares! That’s a long ass kick!!

  • 53yder

    did anyone notice that the goalposts are not behind the goal line? This should only be a 53 yarder

    • josh

      Are you kidding? Of course the goal posts are behind the back of the end zone. I don’t know how you came to this conclusion, it’s clear as day in the video. Watch it again.

    • markg573

      I think you need glasses or your prescription updated. The goal posts are indeed behind the goal line, same location as pretty much all other football goal posts since 1970. Smart.

    • Muckboy 11

      if you watch close, the goal post uprights are indeed lined up with the out of bounds line 10 yards deep in the endzone.

    • vick

      Quit hating on the kid, just because you can’t do a kick like that. Grow up

    • Joe

      that has to be the dumbest comment i have ever seen…. how are the goal post not going to be behind the goal line??? what are you going to do run into the pole when ever you run in for a touchdown?

  • HSRef

    If you look at where the ball landed, he would have cleared from 70 yards out! Amazing kick.

  • Impressed

    Dang! Congratulations young man!

  • Sheri

    We need him for the Nebraska team this year!!!

    • Ray

      Although, the Husker kicker ain’t bad!!!

  • Mr. Timm

    Kicking is becoming a lost art. You would think that with all the kids playing Soccer these days, that high school teams would have no end of talent available for place kickers, but the sad fact is, “going for two” has become the norm. Maybe seeing more games being decided on the foot of a great kid like this will help turn the tide.

  • Congratulations young man and I do mean “man”. I’ve played golf in the area of Manogue H.S. and found the wind can be up to a three (3) club difference but you still must hit it.