BSC 2011 - Week 39

Good morning, campers!  It seems like the Big Skeezy is running out of gas as of late, as he seems to not be losing the weight he once did in the beginning, at least not at the pace he was to start with.  Why do you think that is?  Is it his devil may care lifestyle or maybe he’s just given up a bit?  Lots of bets are being placed around here, of course, because we’re betting men.  Still, no one can tell us what’s up like the Big Skeeze himself so let’s hand it over and break it down, shall we?

You’ll remember last week when I said that this week would be the week of fruits, vegetables and no red meat.  Well, I stuck to it…sort of.  Are you ready to sing the opening line to my weekly song?  All together now….“The week started like most weeks, off on the right foot.”  I went grocery shopping last Tuesday night and bought up fresh corn, cucumber, carrots, yams, green pepper, roma tomatoes, lettuce and a couple of bags of frozen mixed veggies.  The powers that be bestow large bowls of fruit for our eating pleasure here at the office so breakfast was taken care of.  I started every day this week with either a medium banana or a green apple, which i followed up mid-morning with about a cup’s worth of grapes.

For lunch I changed it up as much as I could, considering what I had to work with.  Wednesday’s lunch was actually eaten out, as I had a vendor in the office who takes me out when he’s here.  I had some grouper with steamed veggies.  Thursday was simply assorted veggies – sliced cucumber, sliced carrots and a sliced tomato.  Dinner was some corn on the cob boiled with a small yam, which I then ate with a bit of salt.  At night I found myself making the yams (by boiling them) and then, once soft, mashing them into a plastic bowl and mixing them with whatever veggies I felt like slicing.  It was an interesting week for me, food-wise, because i was eating so many damned veggies.  I felt good, albeit pretty damned hungry.

As for the gym, I didn’t hit it as hard as I should have this past week.  Lately my usual spring from bed at 5AM has become a lazy roll-out around 6.  I’ve also had some ankle pains lately which keep me from doing any running or the like, so when I did go it was mostly weight work.

The weekend came and, as you know, things changed a bit.  Why I picked Tuesday as my weigh-in day is beyond me.  So dumb.  In any case, I spent Friday night fairly uneventfully which was a welcome change of pace and, I felt, set a good tone for the weekend.  Saturday I was off to a dear friend’s wedding which started late afternoon.  That allowed me to do very little all day Saturday, which for me meant watching a ton of Breaking Bad on Netflix.  Side note – that show is awesome.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

I made my way out to the wedding, which was a beautiful ceremony.  What had occurred to me a couple of days earlier, however, was that when I RSVP’d in August I’d selected the prime rib for dinner.  D’oh!  So much for no red meat this week but hey, it was a celebration and I was going to enjoy myself.  Another nice thing about the wedding was that I had driven myself the 40 miles to the site which meant no excessive drinking.  Score another win for the BSC!  So I ate, took some picture in the photo booth, and finally got a chance to take a picture with the beautiful bride, who we’ll call “Stephanie”:

I left the wedding relatively early and headed back to town to meet up with some friends.  I was still the driver so I stayed good and sober that night.

Sunday, of course, brought football and has become a bit of a cheat day for me.  By “a bit” I mean “I need to rethink my Sundays”.  It always starts with McDonald’s breakfast because McDonald’s breakfast is awesome (bacon, egg and cheese biscuit for me – more red meat).  Then it was some sliced carrots for health followed by a couple of soft tacos.  Once I finished watching my team get molested by the Packers we made our way to my friend’s house at which point I had a few drinks to take the edge off and we indulged in some pizza and wings.  Not a good eating day but really the worst one of the week so I was sort of okay with it.  It was a bit excessive, yes, but delicious.

Monday was back to the routine and I had my fruit breakfast, yam/veggies lunch and some more veggies for dinner.  Today came and I was interested to see what kind of damage I had done over the weekend.  Lately I’ve discovered that a lot of you never read these stories but, rather, skip to the end to see how I did.  I appreciate that you come here at all, of course, but you should really read all about what happens so it’ll make more sense.  If you did I wouldn’t have to hide the fact that I lost two pounds this week bringing me down to two hundred eighty pounds and a total weight loss of ninety-one.  That puts me nine away from the mythical hundo.

As I wrote the title this week and realized it’s week thrity-nine I was amazed that I still haven’t hit the hundred pound mark.  Early on I thought I would have sailed through it by now but I guess this stuff is harder than it looks.  I do, however, want to hit it by the end of October.  Can I?  We’ll see.