The Packers blew out the Broncos in Green Bay yesterday, 49-23.  The defending Superbowl champs are now 4-0, and tied with the Detroit Lions (yes, the Detroit Lions) as the only unbeaten teams left in the NFL.  On Saturday in Madison, the University of Wisconsin football team crushed formerly #8 Nebraska 48-17, and improved to 5-0.  Yesterday the Badgers moved up to #4 in the country in the AP poll.  And with the Brewers 9-4 win over the Diamondbacks last night in Milwaukee (and a 4-1 win on Saturday), they now lead the NLDS series 2-0.  It’s the farthest the Beermakers have been in the playoffs in 28 years.  If you look on the map, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee are all in the state of Wisconsin.  That’s a lot of good stuff to happen in one state in one weekend.  Congrats Wisconsinites.

And for the record, before the comments start rolling in, obviously I knew the geography without looking at the map.  I just thought it was funnier this way.

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