It seems that Lisa Diaz, the owner of Ocala’s “Ice Cream Family Corner and Sandwiches”, is not only horrible at naming businesses but also equally terrible at picking a mascot.  Citizens of the Florida town have recently been up in arms about a man in an ice cream cone suit waving at them as they drive by the shop.

“Is the KKK back in the South?” terrified drivers have been asking one another.   The answer is no, but the suit doesn’t seem to be helping matters any.  Another thing that doesn’t help matters is that Lisa Diaz has apparently never picked up a history book.  The Ocala Star-Banner reports that Lisa refers to the white supremacist group as “the Ku Ku Klan” and doesn’t see the problem with that.

She goes on to contend that if drivers would simply stop and look at the mascot they’d realize the subtle differences between the Klansman suit and her family-oriented mascot.  For example, the mascot has a slight curl at the top of the white hood, is covered in colorful sprinkles, and sits in a freaking waffle cone.  To demonstrate, Lisa had a friend of hers don the suit and pointed right at the wee curl:

Nice Try

Oh, Lisa.

It seems that the pressure became too much for poor Lisa and she retired the mascot.  “We’re a friendly environment, family-oriented,” Diaz said, pleading for customers to come back to try the new Cuban sandwich. “We’re not [racist]. We’re very friendly, very religious.”

Personally, I want to see the mascot for the Cuban sandwich.