Hot Clicks posted the following video today of a CFL game in which a defensive player had a very scary collision with a goal post.   Korey Banks, who was defending on the TD attempt,  collided headfirst with the goal post in Saskatchewan.  Luckily reports said he was ok after the incident.

The Vancouver Sun reported;

Banks practically guaranteed himself a place in cinematic sports blooper immortality when he crashed into a padded goalpost Saturday afternoon while defending an end-zone pass from Saskatchewan Roughriders backup quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie to receiver Weston Dressler in the waning moments of a 42-5 Lions’ victory at Mosaic Stadium.

Though Banks eventually was able to leave the field under his own power, his teammates spent several anxious moments contemplating his fate as Banks lay prostrate on the turf. A number of Lions of religious bent knelt in prayer while Banks was being attended to by the B.C. medical staff – a reaction that, in fact, increased the anxiety level of the remaining spectators who imagined that Banks had been seriously injured.

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via SportsGrid

  • USA HD

    Jimmy Traina is a bottom feeding scavenger.

    • Nate Dogg

      You are a tard.

  • Acatt

    Who would put a goal post there? Retarded.

    • Brett

      there’s a reason the goal posts are out front. the CFL has 20 yards-deep endzones, so it is more logical to have the goal posts at the front. The NFL is only a 10 yard distance from the goal line to the uprights.

      • Dallas Fan

        No it is 18 yards from goal line to the end of the endzone>

  • scatt

    dumbest place for a goal post, i bet that happens all the time dumb canucks born without coordination

    • Harry

      Korey Banks is American.

    • steven

      Hey im Canadian and think the post should be at or near the back of the end zone, but calling we the creators of the fastest game on earth uncoordinated just shows how dumb you are.

  • Terryman1960

    What I really liked is the number of teammates and opposing team players who came over to him to see if he was alright. That’s what sportsmanship is all about, good job CFL.

    • More people on the field than in the stands.

      • Harry

        Because the home team was losing 42-5. Pretty obvious.

    • John

      If players came on the field like that in the NFL, They would probably get an unsportman-like conduct for roughing the passer!! It’s nice to see some kind of league have some compashion.

      • Chuck

        Did you seriously just spell compassion with an “h”? Besides, I wouldn’t rip on the NFL too bad because most Canadians actually follow the league.

  • Mike

    The NFL used to have their goalposts just cross the goal line. After several plays like this one, they moved it behind the end zone where it should have been from the beginning.

    • Fatboy

      I’m remember Gary Collins of the Cleveland Browns making a living by “peeling” off DBs using the goal posts. That was when there were two wooden posts stuck in the ground at the goal line.

  • mike

    You suppose that the players of religious bent kneeling and praying may be the reason that the player was not seriously injured?

  • Mikey

    You suppose those players of a religious bent kneeling and praying, rather than exciting the fans, may have been the reason the player was NOT seriously injured.

  • Walter Johnsey, Sr

    I was the student trainer for my high school team Jones Valley High School, “The Home of the Fighting Brownies” in Birmingham, Alabama. We were playing the final game of the season against the Banks Jets when on the next to the last play of the game Jeff Rutledge (who later played QB at UA and the NFL) threw a long pass to Larry Willingham (who played defensive back for AU and the St Louis Cardinals) hit the goal post running at full speed (and he had speed to burn) I say him hit the post and it swayed a foot both ways. He wrapped himself around the goalpost and slid to the ground. I told Coach that he look like he may have been killed. When he was playing for Auburn and St Louis the tv and radio announcers would always related the story. It busted him up internally. He was a fanstatic high school, college and NFL player. I still dream about it 46 years later.

  • Turn out the lights, the party’s over !!

  • Ken, UT

    I think the biggest mistake of the play may have been calling that play/throw itself. Why would you have a play in the book to throw the ball right there, or anywhere near that post?

    • Teeks2

      The “post pattern” has been in play since the forward pass was invented…and, oh by the way, it was the defender that hit the post, not the team that called the play.
      C’mon man, get in the game!!
      BTW…a great play by the defender!

  • Traumatizer

    Dumb, dumb, dumb! Common CFL move the goal posts and play real football!


    Stupid blacks.!

    • robert townsend

      What does running into the goal post have to do with blacks you idioit? I’ve seen white guys jump off of two story houses onto his buddy laying down of a folding table just to see if they can imitate a wrestling move, anf you call black people stupid for running into a goal post during a football play? Aren’t you a moron.

  • Ron Ganus

    Why the F*** do they have the goalpost there? Retarded.

  • Rome

    The CFL is crazy I mean really you can’t put the goal post there (for the reason seen in the video clip). Hey, “TMJINLV” it has nothing to do with race.
    At the end of the day; the CFL needs to move the goalpost to protect all it’s players.

  • Pa

    To all of you who say they dont play real football. You are definitely wrong they dont play panty waste NFL football. These guys take a lot of hits without the worries of fines and they are better players than the NFL. The problem is most NFL players could not play in the CFL cause the game is more complex. Most NFL players could not wrap their tiny brains around the fact that their is 110 yards on the field let alone any of the other differences in the game

    • buschleague

      Yeah, that’s why the Dolphins cut him.

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