Ok, I have to admit that I am using fantasy points as my frame of reference, so there is a reasonable argument to be made that my analysis is wrong.  But on the other hand, fantasy scoring is what it is because it’s a fairly accurate representation of a players performance.  So far this season it’s no surprise that Tom Brady has been the best QB in the AFC East, in fact he’s been the best player in football at any position with 62 points through 2 games in an ESPN standard scoring system (on a slight tangent, amazingly the 2 best tight ends in ALL OF FOOTBALL have been Brady’s two targets Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, with 34 and 28 pts respectively).

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  The second best QB in the AFC East has easily been Harvard alum Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Bills, His 46 pts ranks him 5th best among NFL QB’s.  Just two slots behind him is former Michigan Wolverine Chad Henne of the Dolphins, with 43 pts that rank him as the 7th best QB in football.  After that if, you go WAY down the list, coming in tied for 15th in the league among QB’s, is the Jets Mark Sanchez with 30 pts.
Yes, it’s only been two games.  Yes it’s a very small sample.  Yes, i’m using fantasy scoring (although ANY stats you use would have Brady and Fitzpatrick way ahead of Sanchez, but it is debatable whether or not he’s been worse than Henne) which is by definition not real.  But I maintain an argument that I have been saying for a while now.  The Jets have been a good team the past two years in spite of Mark Sanchez, not because of him.
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