Defensive player Michael Boley doesn’t get into the end zone all that often, so he wanted to make sure that he left his mark when he scored on Monday Nght Football.  Boley threw the football (in a failed celebration attempt) directly at the head of a New York Giants video intern, Ryan Brown, and it was dead on accurate.  The ball ricocheted off of his face and hit a nearby cameraman as well.  Boley may need to re-think his celebration next time he scores.

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video via The Big Lead

  • maybe he was trying out the 3D specs of that camera

  • what a douche, why couldnt he put on an entertaining celebration dance… instead he has to heave the ball and nearly take out the camera guys…

  • David

    How could you not realize you threw a football directly at a person’s head? I’m sure it was team pride and not potential future dollar signs in his eyes. What a dummy.

  • Isaac

    What a jerk…he clearly saw that he had hit that guy and he simply didn’t care. maybe the NFL will fine him or suspend him for being an ass. Most New Yorkers are ass’s anyways!!!

    • Jim

      Yes he is a jerk, but so are you he is not a new yorker he was born and raised in alabama fool

  • Dave

    Everyone relax….It was a lateral!

  • Ray

    He should have at least told them he was sorry for hitting them, would have been the right thing to do.

  • BlackPplLoveKFC

    Very good representation of a typical New Yorker, an a$$

  • mlocky042

    wow way to make a good reputation of the Giants defense. He didn’t even say he was sorry

  • Fred

    the kid should sue the punk player for 100,000. that put him at risk for serious injury. i was really disgusted. btw, it didn’t hit the camera man’s head, it hit the back of the camera.

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