Prepare yourself folks as this is just “allegedly” but we couldn’t help but do our part to spread this “alleged” “news.”  In a book written by Joe McGinniss entitled “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin” he claims that Sarah Palin had a one night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice.  We are torn here at Cosby Sweaters as to if we believe this or not.  Sarah is much better looking now than she was in 1989 (see above pic), it was a year before she eloped with “Todd,” yet if we were Glen we would be all over it and wouldn’t ask any questions.

According to Los That Sports Blog;

The book written by investigative reporter Joe McGinniss, who rented a house next door to the Palin family as part of his research, says the former Vice President candidate had relations with Rice when he was a junior basketball player for the University of Michigan.

Rice, who led Michigan to a national championship in 1989, was in Alaska for a college basketball tournament and allegedly hooked up with Palin who was then a TV sports reporter. The book claims the tryst happened only nine months before Palin married her husband.

The book, entitled “Rogue: Searching for the RealSarah Palin,” claims she had a “fetish” for black men at the time, according to the Enquirer, citing a publishing source. The book won’t be available on store shelves until Sept. 20, but the Enquirer claims Rice confirmed the relationship to McGinniss.

Oh heavens.