The Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos faced off in the latter half of the Monday Night Football doubleheader, and it was not pretty.  Sebastian Janikowski was the only bright spot of the first half for either team as he tied the NFL record with a 63-yard field goal as the half expires.  The only thing better (which was pointed out by Jim Rome) was his 76 yard attempt which was called for a few years back by his coach at that time, Lane Kiffin.  Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam are the two previous kickers to have also converted field goals of 63 yards.

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  • Max Kettler

    I would just like to say that Trent Dilfer is the best Cheerleader Oakland ever had. Give him a short skirt and some pom poms and let him go… Please. After listening to Dilfer all game, I truly expect the Raiders to waltz into the Super Bowl undefeated. After all, Oakland has all the tools and great players, all they need is a little disciplin (as Dilfer repeated at least 20 times). They totally beat up on one of the worst teams in professional football 23 – 20. What a beating.

    Dilfer was so one sided, and obviously predjudice, he made the MNF game very difficult to enjoy. A very unprofessional performance.

  • AlvinVoider

    Wow, what a huge kick…he coulda made it from like 63 1/2 yards EASY.