NFL Announcer Orders “Bourbon On The Rocks” On Air?

FOX’s Chris Myers didn’t realize that his mic was on, or at least we hope he didn’t, and those watching the Lions vs Buccaneers game were treated to hearing him order a “bourbon on the rocks.”  To be honest, I don’t blame the guy at all.  Imagine announcing a 4 hour game, a bourbon on the rocks actually sounds pretty great.  It does raise a good question which is; how many other announcers pull a Bob Uecker?  Check out the video of it happening below just as FOX was returning for a commercial.  To be fair we are only making an assumption here, as we probably never will know if this is true or if it was a joke.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

Thanks to It’s Always Sunny in Detroit for finding this gem