The Doctor:

Falcons 27, Patriots 17

I’ve been a Falcons fan since I was in grade school and Chris Miller was slinging the all to Andre ‘Bad Moon” Rison.  In that time I’ve suffered every imaginable kind of kick in the metaphorical junk.  Never making the playoffs back-to-back years, getting fined for having MC Hammer on the sideline, Jamal Anderson going from best RB in the league to physically unable to perform in about 15 minutes, Bobby Petrino splitting town, Michael Vick being so erratic he throws away games and his freedom only to re-emerge on another team as the best QB in the league.  On the flip side the Patriots have a super model QB, a host of rings, a coach everyone lets get away with cheating, and have done so well every person in or around Massachusetts has become an unbearable gloating deuchebag.  There are plenty of real football reasons the Falcons can win the NFC and the Patriots the AFC, other people will get into those.  I’m calling it Falcons over Patriots because just once good should defeat evil.  Is that so much to ask?
Big Skeezy:

The Saints will triumph over the Chiefs, 35-20.  The Chiefs will ride a miracle season in which they take the fourth-best record in the AFC and road playoff games to their first Super Bowl in decades, squeaking by the Ravens in the AFC Championship game.

The Saints will, unfortunately, switch from “we’ll show you how we roll after Katrina” to “remember Katrina? let’s talk about that again all the time”.  They’ll get past Green Bay in the NFC championship game.
The most heartwarming story of the year will come in Week 14, when Denver’s Elvis “Dr. Doom” Dumervil and rookie Von Miller (who will lead the league in sacks this year) combine on a brutal hit that shatters Jay Cutler’s spine.
The Diplomat
Cutler to Roy Williams breaks every record for single season QB to WR and the Bears defense allows only 67 points all season long.  Bears beat up on the Patriots 47-3 in the Super Bowl.  Brady wears uggs to the post game conference and Cutler wears a superman belt with “Suck it Aaron” engraved in it.
Scott 2.0
Dolphinz over pats. 52-3
Scotty Thurman:

Packers over the Jets.  2 of the 4 key weapons for the Eagles will be injured by the 10th game of the season (Vick, Jackson, Maclin, Brown).  Packers finish 13-3 and walk into the Super Bowl with the best defense in the NFC.

Rex Ryan finally gets’er done, almost.  The Ravens trip up the Pats before giving up 2 4th quarter TDs to Mark Sanchez as the Jets move to the Super Bowl for the first time under Ryan.
The Jets get cocky as Ryan sizes up the team for Toe Rings before the Super Bowl is even played, and the Packers win by 17.  Lombardi stays in Titletown.
What Scotty Thurman said.
Lucid Sports Fan:
Pats over Bucs.  Love Josh Freeman/Mike Williams.  They were good last year but for some reason everyone is writing them off this year.