Until recently I had never read the book “Moneyball.”   All I knew of it was a basic one sentence plot summary: that it’s about the Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane targeting cheap players with high On Base Percentages in an attempt to win games and stay competitive, despite a low payroll.  So when I heard there was a movie coming out, I was very skeptical that a book about analyzing baseball statistics could actually translate to the big screen.  Well, I just finished reading the book, and let me tell you, there are actually TONS of plot lines in it that make for a great movie.  Just to name a few:

– Billy Beane as a failed “can’t miss” prospect turned GM who hired players the opposite of himself

– Chad Bradford making the Big Leagues as an underhand pitcher, in part because his father suffered a stroke which limited him to throwing underhand

– the author chronicling the A’s during the 2002 season in which (SPOILER ALERT!!!) they had a miraculous 20 game win streak (that I remember well), punctuated by blowing an 11-0 lead in game #20, then winning it 12-11 on a walk off HR by Scott Hatteberg (that I had totally forgotten)


If this movie isn’t great I am going to be so pissed.  Although Hollywood does have a knack for turning really good ideas into crappy movies.  To quote one of my readers, “I am a little skeptical.  I see the scenes with him and his little girl and I worry.”  There is NO reference to Beane’s daughter in the book.

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