blucig Social Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette manufacturer blucigs has unveiled its latest offering in its e-cig lineup, the Blu Cigs Smart Pack. Blu Cigs Smart Pack incorporates “social” features that notify the smoker when another blu user is within 50 feet. The blue logo on the pack illuminates while the box vibrates when someone enters your space. Not only does the pack let you know when a fellow smoker is in your proximity, it can also send you an alert when a blucig kiosk is nearby so you can re-up on your nicotine cartridges and supplies.

Companies are going to great lengths to incorporate social offerings into their products, mostly without regard to actual user value or benefit; however, blucigs’ implementation seems to be a logical fit with combining the already social act of smoking with a new way to make it more social. E-cigarettes are known to be odorless, making a “smoking radar”  much easier for you to “sniff out” new smoking buddies. A 50-foot indicator may not be enough to find someone unless the act of smoking blucigs electronic cigarettes becomes more ubiquitous, but props to the company for pairing a valuable addition to its existing offering.

You can purchase the blu Premium Starter Kit from blucigs for $79.95.