Publishers Clearing House Doubles Your Big Ass Check with New Facebook Sweepstakes Program

Publishers Clearing House Check

Remember Publishers Clearing House? How could you not? They’re the ones that roll up to your house in a van and hand out $1,000,000 oversized checks. They make the Tooth Fairy look like a cheap bitch. Of course instead of sacrificing a tooth under your pillow you had to subscribe to a bunch of their discounted magazine subscriptions, but come on, who wouldn’t trade a two-year committment to Dog Fancy for $1,000,000? Publishers Clearing House has decided to step up their social game by launching PCHsuperfan, a new program that gives fans of their Facebook page a chance to double their prize money. From now until December of next year PCH will give out 25 prizes between $10,000 and $1,000,000. PCH has hired two employees to monitor their Facebook presence and increase customer engagement for the new program.

[via: All Facebook]