We may be a day late on this but it definitely hasn’t lost that shiny redneck gloss as of yet.  This Boris Said guy was heated enough to want to slap Biffle.

Afterward, ESPN interviewed Boris and he ripped into Biffle:

“I’m more upset with Greg Biffle,’’ Boris stated. “He is the most unprofessional little scardey cat I’ve ever seen in my life. He wouldn’t even fight me like a man after. So, if someone texts me his address, I’ll go see him Wednesday at his house and show him what he really needs. He needs a…whooping and I’m going to give it to him. He was flipping me off, giving me the finger. Totally unprofessional. Two laps down. I mean he is a chump.

“I went over there to go talk to him. He wouldn’t even let me get out of the car. He comes over and throws a few little baby punches and then when I get out, he runs away and hides behind some big guys. But, he won’t hide from me long. I’ll find him. I won’t settle it out on the track. It’s not right to wreck cars, but, he’ll show up at a race with a black eye one of these days. I’ll see him somewhere.”

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsSjRhQIu8U[/youtube]