Some 18-year-old punk named Robert “Sandy” Vietze of the U.S Ski team has been kicked off the team for urinating on a 11-year-old girl on a Jet Blue flight that was headed to New York. Vietze claims he was intoxicated during the time of the incident and didn’t realize what he was doing until the Stage 4 cancer stricken father of the 11-year-old came out out of the restroom trying to “wipe him out”. He was issued a federal summons for indecent exposure, but federal prosecutors later decided to drop the case, according to Port Authority cops. In addition to the charges being dropped the douche is also refusing to apologize. He claims he was 8 beers deep.

Whatever man, I remember my first beer too. You can’t french fry or pizza your way out of this one, Sandy.

via NY Post

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