The St. Louis Cardinals catcher will be spending some time riding the pine after his incident with umpire Rob Drake during the 10th inning of Tuesday’s night game in Milwaukee following his ejection.  The below GIF from Mocksession shows Yadier bumping the umpire as well as spitting in his face.   This suspension will not be a short one.  St. Louis beat the Brewers 8-7 in the 11th inning.

Your call on if the spit was intentional.  Molina had this to say after the game:

“I would never spit on a face of any man,” Molina said. “That’s not me. I was so sweaty. My face was so sweaty. I was standing, yelling at him. I would never spit on anybody’s face. I don’t know what it was. When I was inside, I saw the replay and he was [wiping his face]. In the moment, I don’t see anything. I didn’t spit on his face. I don’t do that.”

  • Bogey

    Nice editing and story…to bad the only part thats rights is that he made contact. If you would like to see what really happened go to

    Watch that about 100 times and 100 times you won’t see him spit…he was yelling and saliva comes out…every human being thats ever yelled like that the same thing happens…if you still don’t believe it just slow it down farther…to project something from you mouth you have to narrow your lips to create enough velocity for something to project out…you can clearly see that his mouth is wide open when spit comes out…nice try

  • cozsweaters

    If I was that ump, I would have laid him out….

  • iceman

    @mjamrst I think the ump is reacting to his bad breath.