Follow Me on Facebook truck

The importance of growing a Facebook following for brands, products, and businesses has spurred application developers and marketing agencies to engage in a variety of strategies to fuel this growth. North Social, a Facebook app development company, offers a variety of Facebook applications for small businesses and brands to easily promote their offerings and increase user and customer traction and interaction. With nearly 19 apps available, the North Social suite of Facebook apps makes it easy to incorporate a sweepstakes, deal program, and exclusive content into your Facebook page. I know this because we use them ourselves here at Cosby Sweaters.

North Social fills a void when it comes to building a Facebook following. They also know that gimmicks don’t translate into “Likes”. That’s why they’ve created the “Fan Page Fail” video series featuring Jonny Like. This 11-spot series follows Jonny Like on his adventures as he tries to get more fans on Facebook. The first three episodes premiered today and I like what I see. Check out for more of these hilarious shorts.