Jimmer Fredette took some time during Jimmer Camp to solidify what most of the world already knew from his time at BYU.  When Jimmer steps on the court, he can shoot, and he most likely will make any shot.  Check out the video below of him wowing some of his campers with some half-court shots.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNu-zr8OAU8[/youtube]


via SB Nation

  • Optimus Prime

    He’s like the tim tebow of the nba.

    • Bradley

      Neither Tebow or Jimmer have had a chance yet…don’t you think you might be jumpin’ the gun?

      Give these young fella’s a chance…both of them won’t be stars but they definitely could end up having solid careers in the pros, and that ain’t easy!

  • How many shots did he take tho?

  • Mike

    … Jimmer charged $1500 per kid to attend the camp.

    • Rob

      Try $200 per kid for 5 days. Where did you come up with $1500?

  • Hoopster

    I would NOT want to be his teammate. He plays NO DEFENSE and gets NO REBOUNDS!

    • Bradley

      He’ll tweak his game for the NBA, I don’t think he’ll be a star but his coach in college (Dave Rose) told him to be a black hole.

      He’s coachable, you shouldn’t call yourself, “Hoopster” if don’t know anything about hoops!

      Jimmer will be a great sixth man…instant offense off the bench…you probably have never played in your life.