39-year old Boxer Shane Mosley has lost 3 of his last 6 boxing fights and lost another fight in the court room. Mosley has been ordered to give up 3 WBA Welterweight Super Champion Title belts to wife Jin Mosley-she is ordered to give one to each of the 3 children when they turn 18(Am I the only one who thinks the belts will be on Pawn Stars in a few years?).

Under California’s Community property laws, the settlement will be a 50-50 split on everything from any fight purses and royalties during the time of their marriage together to credit card points. So any fight paydays that Shane had during the time of his marriage she will receive half of it. The good news for Shane is she won’t get any of the BIG paydays(Mayweather, Pac-Man) had since she filed for divorce before those bouts.
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  • Jim

    This is absolutely ridiculous. What the hell would she need the belts for? The judge in this case needs to be fired.

    • jim

      Hell!! Most of these jackass judges we have needs to be damn replaced! They are so damn dumb! They dont look into anything at all, 99% one-sided and just want to make all that damn money not doing shit and just get people in & out of the courtrooms. They think and act like they are above everyone else and come out with the most stupid judgement ever.