The fantastic community of Operation Sports has finally released the NCAA 12 Rosters for the XBOX 360 which can be played in single player and dynasty mode. In order to retrieve the rosters you must go to Team Management -> Roster Share -> Download Rosters and then type one of the following names to get the rosters for Dynasty Mode:
1) CcAaRrSsOoNn3
2) Nsuplaya84
4) CK11

If you want rosters to play online with, just follow the same process put type “FAIRDALEKINGS” in order to retrieve the online roster.

Here is what you can expect from the Roster Update:

All players are named
All jersey numbers are corrected as accurately as possible (CANNOT DO DUPLICATES)
All transfers are in the game
All players who are no longer on the team have been removed (Pryor, Jenkins, King)
Equipment overhaul on over 75% of teams (Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech to name a few should be 100% spot on.) No 1970’s elbow pads. Iowa fans, BYU fans will be happy with the correct socks
All coaches are named
Minor re-rates on certain players

If you want to dominate me online, get at me on XBOX Live “The Rudo”. See you online!

Via Operation Sports

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  • Chris

    I have downloaded the GEAUXLDEN rosters and then started a Dynasty and it says they are being loaded but then it is the wrong made up names. What am I doing wrong??

    • I downloaded the nsuplaya84 roster and it worked perfect. Try downloading that roster and let me know how it goes.

  • Jay

    These rosters are fairly spot on, but every single one of them didn’t even include deandrew white for Alabama. He plays in every game and Bama fans have been talking about him since last year! U missed a big one there guys

  • Vai

    i clicked download roster and it only has my friends list, not anywhere to type in a name. what do i do?

  • matt

    hey it works but not with online play?

  • Cody

    There isn’t a lot of players from LA Tech such as nick isham and Hunter lee who contributed a lot of playing time this year

  • Alex

    i clicked download roster and it only has my friends list, not anywhere to type in a name. what do i do?

  • Click on the download rosters to bring up a search option. Then from there put the gamertag of who you want.

    Hope that helps!

  • kalan

    toooo fyee