When Drew came up to bat in the 7th inning of a game on July 7th, the previous 3 Red Sox had just hit home runs. 

I was at Fenway for a game in April of ’07 when the Sox hit 4 homers in a row vs the Yankees.  Manny, Drew, Lowell, and Varitek did it that day.  Now here’s the amazing thing: Drew had also been part of a streak of 4 home runs in a row the previous year with the Dodgers (in a crazy game where L.A. hit 4 solo shots in a row to tie the game in the 9th, and later Nomar hit a walk off in the 10th).  But before that, it hadn’t even happened once in the major leagues in 32 years!  The Twins had been the last team to do it in 1964.  Then all of a sudden J.D. Drew of all people came along and did it in back to back years.  In the entire history of MLB, “4 home runs in a row” has happened exactly 7 times.  Drew is obviously the only player to have done it twice (although strangely enough his brother Stephen was part of a Diamondbacks 4 homer streak last year). 

Sadly, J.D. walked in the 7th inning on this night 10 days ago, ruining his chance to extend his MLB record to 3 streaks of back to back to back to back home runs.  I think it’s unlikely anyone else will ever do it twice, 3 times would have been basically impossible.

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