BSC 2011 Week 27

Good morning, campers!  We’ve started the downhill run in the Big Skeezy Challenge 2011, having cleared the halfway point last week.  After a very fast start, Big Skeezy has been toying with the same ten pounds for the better part of two months now.  This week had Big Skeezy travelling out of town with the boys.  How did he fare?  Let’s break it down:

After last week’s break-even I felt that I could make some sort of a dent this week.  I hit it pretty hard in the beginning, which has pretty much been the case for the last few weeks.  It seems, however, that I’m not hitting it hard enough, though, as I’ve been fluctuating back and forth in the 290s for lord knows how long now (seven weeks, I think?).  The strange thing is that I’m still morphing due to the weight work and such, but I’d sure like to see a large plummet on the ol’ scale for a change.

In any case, I did my thing for the first few days.  I knew I had to, because the weekend was going to be rough.  Why?


We’d been planning this trip for months.  I had secured a weekend up at Canyon Lake, which is out near Lake Elsinore or, for you gamblers, Pechanga Resort and Casino.  We had a condo, a golf cart to tool around in and a boat with which to enjoy the lake itself, do some swimming, and continue our summering.  We left Friday mid-day and it began…

…not that I’m going to tell you everything that happened, of course.  That would be silly of me.  I’ll tell you this, though: things got real.  Don’t get me wrong, we were safe about it.  We didn’t destroy anything or anyone and everyone made it back in one piece.  What we did do, however, was slightly over-serve ourselves Friday night…and Saturday morning…and Saturday afternoon…and Saturday night…sigh.  I, like everyone else, knew that it would be that way.  It was MAN TRIP, and that’s what happens on MAN TRIP.  Here’s the one piece of photographic evidence I’ll provide:


That was Friday afternoon and the beginning of me not really caring what I ingested.  Truth be told, I didn’t really eat anything terrible.  Some sausages, a burger, and other things of the barbecue fare.  I did, unfortunately, drink a lot.  Calorically speaking, it wasn’t the best idea.  I did not, however, have a single sip of beer so at least I held true to THAT.

We did spend a lot of time walking around, swimming, and doing other fun activities so it wasn’t like we weren’t getting exercise.  I even somewhat recall a dance-off we staged at a little cantina called Pepe’s, though I can neither confirm nor deny that it actually happened.  I do know this – my legs are still a bit sore.

So other things transpire (edited for content, obviously) and we make our way home Sunday afternoon.  I spend the rest of Sunday at home relaxing and drinking water like it’s going out of style.  Monday morning came and it was back to the grind.  I knew there was a freight train of weight gain bearing down on me so I wanted to see how much of it I could derail before this morning arrived.

Like most weeks, Tuesday morning arrived and it was time to face the music.  I stepped onto the scale and discovered that…

…I’d gained two pounds.  That brings me back into the %$#@! 290s, settling in at 291 and reducing my total weight loss to 80 pounds.

Oh, July.  You are by far the best month of the year so far but, man, you really know how to put a dent into my regimen!  I love the fact that you have been warm and full of fun activities, but can a guy get a break for a weekend?  Geesh.

This week I’m going to be extra careful and see if I can get back out of the 290s again.  This weekend has more activities, including my annual company event and a birthday shindig to attend.  I know that I’ve been pretty lax lately but it’s good to know how far I can push before things get really out of hand.  Like I’ve said before, it’s a lifestyle change that I’ll always be dealing with, so it’s good to see how much I can enjoy a weekend before I end up a bloated sack of crap.

Hustle harder, gang.  See you in a week.