I thought I watched some ESPN special a few months back where Pacman Jones was hanging out at the house with his wife and kids and the story was like: Pacman was just growing up in the NFL. Dude has made some mistakes, learned from them, but now he’s a changed man. A family man. Later for all that making it rain on these hoes at the club. The new Pacman would rather play Connect 4 with his kids.

Well. Pacman was arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in front of a Cincinnati bar. According to Cincinnati’s WLWT:

According to court documents, “Pacman” Jones was intoxicated and disruptive at Scene Ultra Lounge on Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati. When Jones was asked to leave, he was “uncooperative and needed to be escorted outside,” the court documents said.

Officers said Jones began to shout profanities and wave his arms around once he was outside the bar.

As officers tried to arrest Jones, police said he tried to get out of his handcuffs. The police complaint said two officers were needed to restrain him

It saddens me, but I still don’t understand why a team would take a chance on Pacman at this point. Has his on-field play ever been worth the off-field antics? Also, not sure why Jones has the neck brace on in his mugshot. Some chatter around whether is was a football injury or if some of the 5-0 roughed him up. We’ll keep you posted.

For more on the story and to see the newscast, visit Cincinnati’s WLWT.com